Friday, October 5, 2007

The Promised Speech of Love

This is the speech that I gave on our wedding day.

Love: Some people see love as simply a word that comes between “I” and “You” in a sentence.

Love: Some people see love as an infatuation that can only be met with the most handsome man or the most gorgeous woman, who has lots of money, a nice car, and a big house.

Love: Some people do not believe it exists, because they have been hurt by what they thought was love.

I feel sorry for those people. For they shall never know how my heart beats uncontrollably when I hear your voice. They shall never know the overwhelming sensation that surrounds me when I look into your eyes. And they shall never know what it’s like to have the strongest force in existence constantly surrounding you.

Thus far we have traveled two separate roads. Today our two roads are going to combine into one road that we will travel together forever. Yes we are going to have many obstacles to overcome, and we are going to make left turns when we should have made right, but if we stick together and work things out we will be stronger than ever before.

It is a well-known fact that a tiny seed, when planted in the ground and properly nourished, can grow into a large and beautiful tree. However, it is a little known fact, that there is a seed planted in the hearts of two people, that when properly nourished, can grow into a love so strong it can never be broken.

Like the colors yellow and blue make the color green, today you and I shall combine to make us.

John, I love you and I forever will.

(I know at least one line in the above speech should sound familiar to a friend. Does that ring a bell Heather?)

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