Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Spirit Will Never Dye

 From Amy's husband John

I know most of you have heard already but to those that haven't Amy past away Friday evening around 8:20. She fought a long hard battle and no matter how much it hurt she still greeted all with a smile and a warm heart. While sorting through some affairs I found this note written by her. 

My Spirit Will Never Dye

  To my friends, family, and readers:

If you are reading this, then my spirit has joined many others in heaven.  Do not fear, for I am not afraid.  Some of you I have known for many years, some but a short while, others my entire life.  Some of you came into my life through one of my many online groups or communities, others only through my blog.  I have loved all of you, even those I will never really know.

I know you all will carry on and remember who I was.  My spirit will live, my heart will continue, my love will be carried.  I do not know if anyone will carry this blog on, but if they do, I hope you may continue to learn from the very thing I started.

If there is anything I want you to take from this blog, it’s to live life each day to its fullest.  Life can be taken from us so quickly, it would be a waste for us not to live it every step of the way.  Leave no step untaken, no stone unturned, no word unspoken.  Tell those you love how you feel and forgive those who have done you wrong.  Life is too short to do anything but smile and love each day.

Keep your heads high, celebrate the life I lived, and cherish those you love.



To all those that wish to come her visitation will be held at the Athens Christian Church on Route 29 on Tuesday January 10th 2012 From 5:00pm till 7:00pm.The funeral service will also be held at the Athens Christian Church on Wednesday January 11, at 10:00am.  If you would like directions or any other info please send me an email at