Saturday, March 29, 2008

That's All for the Night

Ok, my last three weeks has finally been updated. I'm all done with the posts.

Just so you all know, the only reason these weren't published as we went is so that I didn't terrify my family until I knew what was going on. If it ended up being something serious, I wanted to tell them in person rather than them read it here. Otherwise, I would have been posting here all along. I hope you aren't all too upset with me and understand my reasons.

I do still have one more announcement to make but this is enough for the night. Besides, I need to talk to someone before I make the announcement.

Huggles to all and with any luck things will slow down now so I can post like I should. :)

Spoiler Alert... Read First paragraph

Yes, you read that right. This has a spoiler alert attached. I know how some people would rather read the whole story and live the terror before knowing the outcome so this is your chance. If you want to live it... go back and read the posts that have the label Nightmare2. You might have to give it a bit because I have a lot of posts to proofread and publish but it is the only way you can really live it. (Remember to read from the bottom up!!!) I will post a message out here when I finish all the back posts as well so you know that it's safe. Now, if you don't want the ending spoiled... Stop reading now.



Long story condensed.

I began having an issue with a neck injury I've had for a few years. I referred to it in a previous entry. However, now that I have a brain tumor my chiropractor was concerned it was masking something occurring in my head. Thus he refused to work on me until I had spoken with my NeuroSurgeon. The next day I went to the Emergency Room the pain was so bad. (Never did see a doctor but that's another story entirely.) In the end, they called for a head/neck MRI. The head looked good but they found what they believed was a tumor in my C3 vertebra. The beginning of nightmare two. In the end, after a bone scan, it was determined that it was merely a hemangioma or a birthmark that had formed in my vertebra. Nothing to be seriously concerned with. We'll watch it. I have bigger fish to fry. Story ends.

Obviously it wasn't that laid back as we went through it but the story ended with a happy ending and that's the most important thing. Who knew a birthmark could terrify you? Now if you want you can read the story now that you know the outcome. *Huggles*

Friday, March 28, 2008

I Really Am Still Here

I just don't want anyone thinking I'm giving up on my blog. I really am still here and I am writing as well... just not publishing some things yet. You'll understand by the end of the weekend with any luck. Then you'll have to go back and read the entries I've made that are currently hidden. Honestly, after this weekend, you should see A LOT more entries in my blog because I will have A LOT to talk about. If anyone has me in a reader... I'm not sure how it will treat the entries I post that will have older dates so if you don't see a bunch after I make the announcement... you might want to check this out. I will give them a special label or something so they are easy to find.

Ok, enough of just giving enough to make everyone wonder. I promise, real soon there will be no more secrets.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Neck is Finally Adjusted

After having to delay for almost three weeks, I finally got my neck adjusted today. It was such a relief. Especially after that bone scan. My neck hurt horribly after having to be in an awkward position with it during the scan. My chiropractor feels better knowing that it's nothing serious and I feel A LOT better now that I'm not in constant pain. Life is good.

Monday, March 24, 2008

How Do You Spell Relief?


Well, just as I felt, the bone scan came back clean. :)

My GP wants to do a follow-up on Wednesday. I sure there is a battery of tests they will still want to perform to rule out anything else. However, there will be no more tests. I'm done with it.

Luckily, I also received a call from my NeuroSurgeon today. He is certain it is merely a birthmark... aka hemangioma. It's nothing to worry about although we may watch it just to make sure it doesn't try to invade space that my spinal cord should have to its lonesome. After holding my breath for a week, I can now breathe and the future doesn't look quite as grim. I trust this man with my life, and there's a reason. He doesn't need to scare you unnecessarily and honestly, I suspect he would have never even ordered a bone scan but it wasn't his decision to make at the time.

I trust his diagnosis. I trust him. So the plan will be simple. I will have MRIs for the rest of my life for my brain tumor. Now I'll occasionally have a head/neck MRI to make sure the hemangioma isn't growing.

You wouldn't believe how much this makes me feel better. *Huggles*

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Have a Very Happy Easter

Sorry I've been quiet but I'll explain it all later. For now

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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Neck of It All

I'm not a doctor but I was looking at my scans here just a few minutes ago and I think things must be good. Here's my reason why:

The scans look uniform throughout with the exception of one spot up on my left jaw. Amazingly enough that spot is where I had the tooth pulled so it would make sense that there is bone development there.

I will definitely be giving a sigh of relief until I hear from the doctor. I'm still curious what the heck it is but I'm not worried about it right now.

I will post the scans some day. I tried to do it here but it didn't like them for some reason so this will come another day when I have more time to post.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Don't Think I Glowed

On Thursday March 20 I had my first ever (and hopefully last) bone scan. We had to go in early in the morning and I received a shot of a radioactive material that will adhere to my bones in various degrees depending on activity of the bone cells. I was to return almost four hours later to have the scan.

When I returned, I had to lay down on a table similar to the one they use for the MRI. However, instead of laying head first, this one was feet first. They put a "giant rubber band" over my shoes to keep them still and together. Then they used a giant velcro closure to secure my arms to my side. After I was secure and instructed not to move, they raised the table and fed me into a machine.

The top of the machine reminded me of an xray in that it had the white board that is always in the area of the picture. For this test the started with my head and moved the machine up to the point my nose almost touched this board. (Anyone who thinks an MRI is claustrophobic should take caution with this test.) The machine sat there for several minutes before the bed slowly moved and scans were taken of every inch of my body. The scan itself took about 20 minutes and was pretty much just uncomfortable. My legs ached from not moving and the heat from the machine was enough that it would "burn" in the area but it was nothing unbearable.

After it completed my entire body, I was asked to turn my head all the way to the left and the machine was moved to my right side. This scan took approximately 10 minutes and was then repeated on my other side. These were the specific scans that were to be done of my neck to see if it is determinable what is going on. The worst part of these was turning my already hurting neck all the way to one side and holding it for 10 minutes. UGH

After it was over, I was given a copy of the CD and allowed to go home.

Obviously I have not got the experience looking at these that I do the MRIs. I quickly looked at them and then did all the research I could online. To me, they look good but I shall wait for the radiology report before I get to excited.

I hope this description helps someone some day. :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Can't Buy a Break

I received a call from my GPs office. The head checks out good but there was a spot found in my C3 vertebra during the MRI. The radiologist wishes to see a bone scan. The bone scan is scheduled. I do the first thing I could think of to get an honest opinion, I request the report and seek out my chiropractor.

Upon reading the report, reality hit me like a freight train. It was pretty obvious what they felt was going on. They felt the spot was a Met (cancer tumor that relocates from somewhere else in the body) or at the least a tumor. I walked into the chiropractor's office in shock. How was this possible? He read the report and looked at the scan and talked to me about it. He didn't have to explain to me what a Met was or what it meant, instead what I needed to know is what else it could be. It is a good thing he took the road he did. There are many types of tumor it could be that are not cancerous. One that is quite likely based on the look of it is a hemangioma. A hemangioma isn't serious unless is starts causing problems. This was a thought I would hold on to in order to get me through the weekend to come. The other good news he shared was that the report states there is no damage to the vertebra itself. It is in prime health. This is good. It hasn't progressed to the point of hurting it or my spinal cord.

The bone scan would give us an idea of whether it is a tumor and if it's malignant. If it shows up in the bone scan, it is very likely a malignant tumor. This could mean any number of things. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself here.

So, my second nightmare begins as the waiting starts again.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I Am Still in Pain

It's Monday, I am still in quite a bit of pain from my neck but I have not had any more episodes since Wednesday. Even the "shots of pain" that is typical of my neck are fewer and further between. Therefore, with any luck, I was able to readjust my neck myself and will be ok in the end with or without an adjustment.

The MRI looks good to my eyes so I don't think anything has changed in my head. As for my neck, who knows. I know nothing about necks. Something bad could be staring me in the face and I wouldn't know it. I'm beginning to think I should pursue my medical degree when this is all over... (I'm kidding)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hoping for Relief This Week

Well, we don't have anything official yet but first glance at the MRI shows that everything looks fine in my head. I know they are just being cautious and that's not necessarily a bad thing but I'm now working on day 9 of pain and I'm not to fond of caution right now. LOL Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting something official ASAP so that with any luck Monday I can get into my chiropractor. Ok, sorry this is short but I'm off for an ice pack now.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

'Tis The IDES of March

Well, Happy IDES of March to everyone. I hope everyone has an interesting and safe day.

I think we plan on going out to dinner for my birthday today and who knows what from there. Oops, yes, it's my birthday today. No wonder everyone is scared of me... I was born on the IDES of March. :)

Anyway, have a good IDES and may you all have a better fate than my darling Julius. :D

Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Only Been Four Weeks

It has been four weeks since my last MRI but I'm not heading in for another. This time of the head and neck. My NeuroSurgeon believes this is the way to find out if it is anything to do with my head and to see if there might be more going on in my neck. It will answer a lot of questions and probably isn't a bad exercise. However, I'm not looking forward to another MRI.

So, the day before my birthday, I go in for another. It's not bad. They do the same thing as with your head but it takes a little longer. I think it added 30 minutes to the MRI.

The Week in Review 3-14-2008

This is probably a birthday week I won't soon forget. LOL

Medically - Oh where to start... I pretty much summed up a good part of my week in my entry yesterday. Needless to say it hasn't been a good week and I've had a lot of pain due to my neck. However, the MRI is scheduled for today and with any luck we'll get some results and maybe something to fix my neck. I'm not going to hold out hope on the adjustment today so that my neck isn't hurting but a girl can wish can't she?

Other than what I described, there hasn't been much else medically. I've written off a few things that occurred this week as "there was no action so no point in saying it" but other than that things have been par.

Emotionally - Other than being in A LOT of pain this week, I've been pretty stable in the emotional front. Nothing really to report here although I have been wrestling with my emotions on something that I'm considering just not sure when or how. (How's that for confusing? LOL)

Mentally - I've made good progress in a few different areas this week including the house, paperwork, and just plain mentally. I'll go into more details as I get into things in a few days.

Physically - I still have occasional sinus pressure but it is pretty much gone and put on a back burner with the pain in the neck I've been having. My pains are shooting from my upper back/neck area and into my head just like when I originally injured it. I'm guessing that I've got the nerve good and pinched by now. With any luck, I'll be pain minimal by the weekend but... like I said, I'm not holding out much hope on that.

Family - I had a good post earlier in the week about what went on over the weekend and for now I'm just going to leave the weekend at that. It was a good, fun weekend and I look forward to many more like them.

This week has been about normal when it comes to family. We talked to my son this weekend about some decisions we have made so we had to wade our way through that but for the most part he is handling it very well. He also got his report card this week so we had to have another long discussion on what we expect out of his grades. (No more detail here.)

The one point in the week that bothered me greatly was the one thing I knew would eventually come up. He told me that he felt this whole thing was his fault. (For those of you that don't remember it was a baseball he threw at me that hit me in the face that led to the MRI that found my tumor.) I was quick to tell him it wasn't and explain to him why but I'm not sure how much he believes it. It's not his fault... not now, not ever. Some things just happen and we don't always know why. Truth is, me getting hit with the ball could eventually save my life. We are watching my tumor now and we are prepared to treat it but had I not had that MRI... well, we'd be oblivious. I'm going to actually stop here with this line for now. I think it's got good material in it for later in the week if I get time to post a separate message. Anyway, just keep my son in your thoughts that he doesn't continue to blame himself and realizes that he could be my angel in disguise. :)

Play - Well, my son enjoyed bowling over the weekend and we had an overall fun time. This week has been a little lean on the play things but mostly because I've been hurting so bad. We were going to dance Thursday night and again on Saturday but needless to say I'm not feeling up to it. We'll see what the next week brings.

Well, that sums up my week. Honestly, I could have given a one word description and that would have been... Pain. Oh well. I will have my MRI in a few hours. We probably won't know anything immediately but maybe they will reassure themselves that it's in my neck and not my head and I can get some relief soon. So here's to hoping they see enough to agree to pain pills and an adjustment and we'll go from there. *Huggles*

Thursday, March 13, 2008

How My Life Has Changed

Background first.

About two or three years ago, I had an accident that caused a whiplash type injury in my neck. I suffered from it for almost six months before I found a chiropractor that was eventually able to get control of it. After sorting it out, I continued to see him about every six weeks to make sure things stayed where they should. For the most part they did but occasionally I'd have a problem and would have to see him sooner.

Well, after being diagnosed with my brain tumor, he has been much more cautious about when and how he gives me treatment. I guess this isn't really an issue because I appreciate him being cautious but sometimes I am just certain it is my neck and nothing else.

This brings us to the last week. I was carrying around a lot of computers the last few weeks for work. These are full-size computers complete with about 40 pound weight. Well, as I should have known, tossing them around like a rag doll tossed my neck/back out of whack. By the time it was bad enough for me to contact him, they were closed for the weekend so I had to wait until Monday.

I had a few stabbing pains with it over the weekend but nothing unusual for my neck when it is having problems. However, because he was concerned that it could be pressure related instead of nerve, he didn't give me the typical adjustment. Instead, he asked me to email my NeuroSurgeon to see what he thought. Well, I had delayed but on Tuesday I decided I had better when the feel of my pain increased. These new pains continued for several hours. On Wednesday, I saw my GP and he agreed it was probably neck related and on a typical patient they would prescribe pain meds and an adjustment and send them on their way. Oh, but wait, I'm not the typical patient. Instead of just getting the treatment and moving on, I have to have a head/neck MRI... to be safe.

So, I guess on Friday I will go in to have another MRI. My last MRI was a mere 4 weeks ago. It's pretty sad when you can almost call an MRI machine your second home. LOL

Anyway, I don't believe it's anything to get worried about but here is what I now have to deal with since the world now knows I have a brain tumor. *Huggles*

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Waiting in the Emergency Room

I actually had posted bits and pieces of what happened over the next few days but this will give actual information.

My chiropractor refused to work on me Monday. He was concerned with my neurological exam and was afraid I was using my neck to mask my head. I know that my neurological exam was caused from my trigeminal and the fact it had really bothered my right eye over the weekend. This happens on occasion. My right eye will get so dry from the nerve issues that it starts acting funny. I always know it's going to happen and this was no different. Regardless, it meant that I didn't get my neck adjusted and I continued to have episodes with it.

Tuesday, while at work and working on my computer, the pain shot up just as it has in the past but rather than hurt between my shoulder blades and head, it seemed to radiate from the center of my head. It was very consistent almost like the beating of your heart. I also had the blurry vision during this time and could hear my heartbeat with each throb. It lasted approximately 5 minutes but that could have been longer. The pain intensity was in the 8 range. I took two ibuprophen and it seemed to dull it and after a few minutes it went away although I feel a bit "stiff" since. My neck and shoulders feel very stiff since and this time it was not preceded by neck creaking. I sent an email to my NeuroSurgeon at this point with details of what was going on.

I would have this twice more before leaving work to go home. They were not as intense as the original one but they stopped me in my tracks nonetheless. At this point, they seemed to be triggered when I walked. Of the other two, one occurred when I came out of my boss's office after telling him I was going to go home early and the other when I walked out of the building to get into my car. I didn't have a single spell while in my car but would have another when I walked into the house. All of the times I was walking.

When I got home, I went straight to my bed and laid down. I didn't dare move hoping that I wouldn't have it any more. I called John before I left work to let him know I was driving home. I had been laying there for about 20 minutes with nothing when my cell phone rang. By the time I was able to find it, I had triggered yet another episode of pain. This one would be one of a rating 6 or 7. I hurt so bad that I screamed into my pillow willing the pain to go away. I laid there for almost an hour waiting for the boys to get home. I was feeling so good, I decided to give one more try at getting out of bed. This was a huge mistake. This one quickly shot up to a nine and lasted anywhere from five to ten minutes. I was in tears when I heard the door open and knew the boys were home. I hurt. I hurt bad.

John came and checked on me and I tried not to move but at one point I decided I had to try. I got out of bed with his help and successfully walked to the Great Room. Before I reached the couch, it hit again and this time I told John that it was time to go to the Emergency Room. I wasn't sure how many more of these episodes I could handle. Anyone that knows me, knows that it took A LOT of pain for me to say I needed the ER. I am not an ER person and I'm not a hospital person so I was in tons of pain to tell him I needed to go.

We dropped my son off at a friends house. (Love ya, Jessi, you are a life saver) I knew he'd have more fun there than waiting in an ER and I didn't want him exposed to the flu or anything going around either. At her house, I had yet another. I held on tight to John to steady myself and I felt my back and neck tense a lot during this one. I also became much more disoriented this time than I had been. Apparently I was able to "move" something this time because luckily it was the last episode I would have.

After waiting in the ER for over 3 hours, John went to see how much longer it would be. They told us there was still 8 ahead of us and due to the emergencies that were on their way in, that would be approximately 3 more hours. I was not interested in spending another three plus hours at the hospital so I checked myself out. (Note: this was 3 hours and I wasn't even out of the waiting room!!!)

At this point, I won't deny that I am terrified this might be from the tumor but I am refusing to think that way right now. We'll see how the rest goes.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thinking of Kathy's Sister Today

Today I have been thinking a lot about Kathy's sister and the surgery that she is undergoing today. I know that this surgery is also in my future so I am very interested to see how things go and I wish to see the power of prayer do it's work again. Kathy, your sister will be in my thoughts today and if you get some time, I'd love to know how everything works out. *Huggles*

Keeping my Mind Very Busy

I love to keep my mind busy in various ways. Sometimes it is just playing a particularly challenging game, other times it is just organizing it into ways that complicate most. LOL However, as long as I am able to challenge my mind, I know it is still in one piece even if my brain isn't necessarily. (Ok, bad joke)

Anyway, on Friday my son had a music contest that he participated in. He did very well. He played a baritone solo and did a vocal as well. He's got a much better voice that I do that's for sure!!! Anyway, he received firsts in both solos so I am very proud of him. John and I were working the doors at two of the contest rooms so we got to hear quite a few of the students. Some of them really do have a lot of talent and for the most part we had a good time.

Then on Saturday we had a square dancing convention meeting. Again it was very productive. John and I have never had the privilege of attending a convention so it has been rather difficult being part of the committee on this one. However, we are learning a lot and I look forward to July when we actually have it.

Finally, on Sunday we had a bowling birthday party for my son. He turned 11 in February and we finally got around to the party. Since his birthday is so close to Valentine's Day, it has always been difficult to have a party for him and have his friends actually attend. He had 11 of his classmates there on Sunday so they had a blast. We also had the opportunity to talk with some of the parents that I didn't really know so that was also a plus. Sometimes you don't realize what type of event will bring someone to you that will make a difference. I suspect one of those parents will be that difference. We'll see as time moves along.

Beyond that, I am doing what I can to complete things I need to and get things in order. *Huggles to all*

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Weekend with Neck Pain

We had a very busy weekend and I wish I were feeling better during it. As you all know, I had a recurrence of my neck pain over the week and this weekend therefore was not pretty.

I had several strange symptoms pop up as the weekend progressed. I would get a shooting pain that started somewhere between my shoulder blades and would shoot up to the back of my head. They would last for a few minutes, I'd be disoriented while they occurred and I would "hear" my heart beat in both ears. I never thought anything of this because it would always be immediately preceded with a "creaking" in my neck and the movement of my right arm. These are all signs of something in my neck pinching a nerve. (I've gotten these or similar symptoms before.)

I'm definitely paying the price for not calling my chiropractor sooner in the week. UGH

Friday, March 7, 2008

It all began with whiplash

A few years ago, I suffered a minor neck injury due to a whiplash type accident. I suffered with it for almost six months before I found my chiropractor and he "cured" it in just a few weeks. However, I frequently have to be cautious with what I do because the area will probably never fully heal again. Just like anything in the spine, once you mess it up, it can go back any time.

Anyway, now that the background is complete, I did some of those bad things this week. I was carrying some computers that are on the heavy side and I carried A LOT of them this week. Needless to say, I probably did too much. At some point in the week, I felt a pop and knew I'd done a bad thing. By then it was to late to get into the chiropractor so I would have to suffer the weekend with it. Some day I will learn to get in before I start having the pains when I know that I've done a bad thing. *Sigh*

The Week in Review 3-7-2008

Medically - I remain in the calm between MRIs. It's a good place to be. There are some things out there hanging such a few bills the insurance billed incorrectly and things like that but for another few weeks it will be relatively quiet. We'll see how it looks in the next week or so.

Emotionally - This was a pretty good week overall. I've had more energy this week than I've had in a long time and I think most of it is because of the changes in my current cold pattern. The little bit of sunshine we had over the weekend helped A LOT. So I guess on the roller coaster we call a brain tumor, I am on a flat track.

Mentally - I made some good progress on the house this week and setting up a plan of action for the things that still need to be done. We'll see how well it turns out. I tend to be a list person but nothing ever gets checked off. LOL

Physically - Well, as I stated in an earlier entry, my sinus has cleared up. However, it was enough to set my hay fever into action. I have had a sore throat from drainage most of the week and my nose is definitely running a bit. *knock on wood* No signs of the sinus infection trying to return. However, my bronchitis was aggravated on Thursday because someone at work decided to ignore the no smoking ban and had been smoking in the lady's restroom. Last night was horrible and I had to return to my inhaler. I truly believe the state wide ban on smoking has kept me from getting bronchitis worse this year. Hopefully it just aggravates me this time and doesn't force it into bronchitis again.

Otherwise, my energy level has been up and I've made some good progress on some physical things around the house that needs done. This is very good. I also was able to walk on Wednesday night. My plan for now is to just walk every other night since the treadmill is harder on my knees than walking outside. As soon as the weather improves enough to walk outside, I'll be there and probably walking nightly. When I walked, I also did some dumbbell weight work for my arms. It's not much and it's weak from where I've been in the past but anything at this point is better than nothing. Anyway, it feels good to be working out physically again. I usually am able to get back to better weight when I do it consistently so we'll see where I get. We all know it can't hurt. :)

Family - The end of the nine weeks at my son's school is today so we should get his report card next week. We'll see if he truly is doing better now. I know behavior wise he seems to have finally settled in and made an improvement. We'll see what the teachers say.

Last weekend was busy. We had a 4H Grandparent's dinner on Saturday that ended up turning out really nice. The slide show I was working on was for that and it seemed to be a big hit. Maybe next time we'll have enough time that I can actually show them all how to do it. (Maybe that's an activity idea.) After that was all over we had a dance that evening. It was fun getting out there but my chest was still tight enough I was only able to do every other one. This is so unlike how I am when I'm feeling good. Anyway, hopefully our next dance has a better turnout and we can have some more variety. Sunday was actually quiet and we enjoyed the weather and worked around the house.

This will be another busy weekend. My son has a band contest tonight, we have a meeting tomorrow for square dance, and Sunday is his bowling party. I'm sure there will be more in there too. I guess this is really just a head-up that I will be quiet as usual on the weekend. LOL

Play - We had some fun family tickle wars over the weekend, watched a movie, watched lots more CSI, and played our usual online games. I nearly gave up part of my Tribal Wars villages because things were just getting to be to nuts but a friend and leader on it talked me out of it. *Thanks Kotsiras* I think I made the right decision to stay after he assured me that what I was doing was ok. I really have made some friends on there and I never expected to. Tribal Wars is not a game where you interact in real time easily with other players. Yes you have tribes but it's just not the same as a game such as Puzzle Pirates where it is real time conversation. Since I don't chat well in forums (just don't tell Plano that) I never thought I'd make friends but surprisingly I've made quite a few and I enjoy the game. What more can you ask for?

Speaking of Plano, I need to share something with you that I did on Friday. It's strange that an online community can make you cry but over the past six months many online communities have done just that. The overwhelming support I've received from my online friends is just amazing. Heck my eyes are watering just typing this. Anyway, Plano is a Harry Potter site that is based as a community that is at Hogwarts. It's really cool and I've made a lot of friends there. We had our big awards ceremony from the Fall term. (See you actually take classes and everything just as if you were at Hogwarts.) Well, there are also awards given for things such as the Friendliest, Most Random, One who spends the most time there, best student, etc. I was extremely honored to be the recipient of four of the awards given Friday night. All four of these awards are given from your peers and I was deeply touched. I wasn't surprised at a couple of them because many of our loyal members have been absent for personal reasons but there was one that truly touched me to the soul. I received the Golden Wand Award that is given to the student that has done the most service for the school. It's one of the highest awards a student can receive. It truly touched me that those at Plano felt this way about me. I really do enjoy the community there and I do my best to spend time and spread the word but to actually win it... it was priceless. For those interested the other awards was the Friendliest, most helpful, and Home away from home (most active). Thanks everyone that voted for me. *teary eyed huggles*

For those interested in any of the games I've mentioned in my blog today, you can find them all as follows:

Plano Hogwarts: or Plano Hogwarts Forums I can be found under the hand DreamCatcher and I'm in the Hufflepuff house where I am Prefect. If you decide to check it out and join, be sure to tell the sorting hat that DreamCatcher sent you. :)

Puzzle Pirates: Puzzle Pirates I can be found on the Cobalt Ocean and my pirates are DreamCatcher, Starrgazer, and Midnitesky. Information can be found on the very bottom of my blog as well.

Tribal Wars: Tribal Wars I can be found on tribal wars as Dreamcatcher79 and I am on Worlds 10, 12, and 13

Ok, enough of my plugging. Huggles to all.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Good With the Bad

Ok, let's see. The good news is that we had beautiful weather over the weekend that reached 60+. The bad news is that today it is below freezing and we are expecting 3-7" of snow. The good news is that the good weather over the weekend allowed my body to knock out the bronchitis and sinus that has been plaguing me since Christmas. The bad news is now I have a sore throat, ear ache, itchy watery eyes, and runny nose that I lovingly call Hay Fever thanks to that nice little taste of spring. LOL

I guess I can't win for losing right now. At least the Hay Fever doesn't wipe me out like the sinus and bronchitis does. I have a nice little inhaler that keeps it at bay and if I'm lucky it will keep things sane for a while. Now I can just hope this "return to winter" doesn't send my sinus back into a flurry.

Beyond that, things are going pretty good. It's been busy in our house but things could be worse. :)