Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Can't Buy a Break

I received a call from my GPs office. The head checks out good but there was a spot found in my C3 vertebra during the MRI. The radiologist wishes to see a bone scan. The bone scan is scheduled. I do the first thing I could think of to get an honest opinion, I request the report and seek out my chiropractor.

Upon reading the report, reality hit me like a freight train. It was pretty obvious what they felt was going on. They felt the spot was a Met (cancer tumor that relocates from somewhere else in the body) or at the least a tumor. I walked into the chiropractor's office in shock. How was this possible? He read the report and looked at the scan and talked to me about it. He didn't have to explain to me what a Met was or what it meant, instead what I needed to know is what else it could be. It is a good thing he took the road he did. There are many types of tumor it could be that are not cancerous. One that is quite likely based on the look of it is a hemangioma. A hemangioma isn't serious unless is starts causing problems. This was a thought I would hold on to in order to get me through the weekend to come. The other good news he shared was that the report states there is no damage to the vertebra itself. It is in prime health. This is good. It hasn't progressed to the point of hurting it or my spinal cord.

The bone scan would give us an idea of whether it is a tumor and if it's malignant. If it shows up in the bone scan, it is very likely a malignant tumor. This could mean any number of things. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself here.

So, my second nightmare begins as the waiting starts again.

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