Friday, March 7, 2008

The Week in Review 3-7-2008

Medically - I remain in the calm between MRIs. It's a good place to be. There are some things out there hanging such a few bills the insurance billed incorrectly and things like that but for another few weeks it will be relatively quiet. We'll see how it looks in the next week or so.

Emotionally - This was a pretty good week overall. I've had more energy this week than I've had in a long time and I think most of it is because of the changes in my current cold pattern. The little bit of sunshine we had over the weekend helped A LOT. So I guess on the roller coaster we call a brain tumor, I am on a flat track.

Mentally - I made some good progress on the house this week and setting up a plan of action for the things that still need to be done. We'll see how well it turns out. I tend to be a list person but nothing ever gets checked off. LOL

Physically - Well, as I stated in an earlier entry, my sinus has cleared up. However, it was enough to set my hay fever into action. I have had a sore throat from drainage most of the week and my nose is definitely running a bit. *knock on wood* No signs of the sinus infection trying to return. However, my bronchitis was aggravated on Thursday because someone at work decided to ignore the no smoking ban and had been smoking in the lady's restroom. Last night was horrible and I had to return to my inhaler. I truly believe the state wide ban on smoking has kept me from getting bronchitis worse this year. Hopefully it just aggravates me this time and doesn't force it into bronchitis again.

Otherwise, my energy level has been up and I've made some good progress on some physical things around the house that needs done. This is very good. I also was able to walk on Wednesday night. My plan for now is to just walk every other night since the treadmill is harder on my knees than walking outside. As soon as the weather improves enough to walk outside, I'll be there and probably walking nightly. When I walked, I also did some dumbbell weight work for my arms. It's not much and it's weak from where I've been in the past but anything at this point is better than nothing. Anyway, it feels good to be working out physically again. I usually am able to get back to better weight when I do it consistently so we'll see where I get. We all know it can't hurt. :)

Family - The end of the nine weeks at my son's school is today so we should get his report card next week. We'll see if he truly is doing better now. I know behavior wise he seems to have finally settled in and made an improvement. We'll see what the teachers say.

Last weekend was busy. We had a 4H Grandparent's dinner on Saturday that ended up turning out really nice. The slide show I was working on was for that and it seemed to be a big hit. Maybe next time we'll have enough time that I can actually show them all how to do it. (Maybe that's an activity idea.) After that was all over we had a dance that evening. It was fun getting out there but my chest was still tight enough I was only able to do every other one. This is so unlike how I am when I'm feeling good. Anyway, hopefully our next dance has a better turnout and we can have some more variety. Sunday was actually quiet and we enjoyed the weather and worked around the house.

This will be another busy weekend. My son has a band contest tonight, we have a meeting tomorrow for square dance, and Sunday is his bowling party. I'm sure there will be more in there too. I guess this is really just a head-up that I will be quiet as usual on the weekend. LOL

Play - We had some fun family tickle wars over the weekend, watched a movie, watched lots more CSI, and played our usual online games. I nearly gave up part of my Tribal Wars villages because things were just getting to be to nuts but a friend and leader on it talked me out of it. *Thanks Kotsiras* I think I made the right decision to stay after he assured me that what I was doing was ok. I really have made some friends on there and I never expected to. Tribal Wars is not a game where you interact in real time easily with other players. Yes you have tribes but it's just not the same as a game such as Puzzle Pirates where it is real time conversation. Since I don't chat well in forums (just don't tell Plano that) I never thought I'd make friends but surprisingly I've made quite a few and I enjoy the game. What more can you ask for?

Speaking of Plano, I need to share something with you that I did on Friday. It's strange that an online community can make you cry but over the past six months many online communities have done just that. The overwhelming support I've received from my online friends is just amazing. Heck my eyes are watering just typing this. Anyway, Plano is a Harry Potter site that is based as a community that is at Hogwarts. It's really cool and I've made a lot of friends there. We had our big awards ceremony from the Fall term. (See you actually take classes and everything just as if you were at Hogwarts.) Well, there are also awards given for things such as the Friendliest, Most Random, One who spends the most time there, best student, etc. I was extremely honored to be the recipient of four of the awards given Friday night. All four of these awards are given from your peers and I was deeply touched. I wasn't surprised at a couple of them because many of our loyal members have been absent for personal reasons but there was one that truly touched me to the soul. I received the Golden Wand Award that is given to the student that has done the most service for the school. It's one of the highest awards a student can receive. It truly touched me that those at Plano felt this way about me. I really do enjoy the community there and I do my best to spend time and spread the word but to actually win it... it was priceless. For those interested the other awards was the Friendliest, most helpful, and Home away from home (most active). Thanks everyone that voted for me. *teary eyed huggles*

For those interested in any of the games I've mentioned in my blog today, you can find them all as follows:

Plano Hogwarts: or Plano Hogwarts Forums I can be found under the hand DreamCatcher and I'm in the Hufflepuff house where I am Prefect. If you decide to check it out and join, be sure to tell the sorting hat that DreamCatcher sent you. :)

Puzzle Pirates: Puzzle Pirates I can be found on the Cobalt Ocean and my pirates are DreamCatcher, Starrgazer, and Midnitesky. Information can be found on the very bottom of my blog as well.

Tribal Wars: Tribal Wars I can be found on tribal wars as Dreamcatcher79 and I am on Worlds 10, 12, and 13

Ok, enough of my plugging. Huggles to all.

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