Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Weekend with Neck Pain

We had a very busy weekend and I wish I were feeling better during it. As you all know, I had a recurrence of my neck pain over the week and this weekend therefore was not pretty.

I had several strange symptoms pop up as the weekend progressed. I would get a shooting pain that started somewhere between my shoulder blades and would shoot up to the back of my head. They would last for a few minutes, I'd be disoriented while they occurred and I would "hear" my heart beat in both ears. I never thought anything of this because it would always be immediately preceded with a "creaking" in my neck and the movement of my right arm. These are all signs of something in my neck pinching a nerve. (I've gotten these or similar symptoms before.)

I'm definitely paying the price for not calling my chiropractor sooner in the week. UGH

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