Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Keeping my Mind Very Busy

I love to keep my mind busy in various ways. Sometimes it is just playing a particularly challenging game, other times it is just organizing it into ways that complicate most. LOL However, as long as I am able to challenge my mind, I know it is still in one piece even if my brain isn't necessarily. (Ok, bad joke)

Anyway, on Friday my son had a music contest that he participated in. He did very well. He played a baritone solo and did a vocal as well. He's got a much better voice that I do that's for sure!!! Anyway, he received firsts in both solos so I am very proud of him. John and I were working the doors at two of the contest rooms so we got to hear quite a few of the students. Some of them really do have a lot of talent and for the most part we had a good time.

Then on Saturday we had a square dancing convention meeting. Again it was very productive. John and I have never had the privilege of attending a convention so it has been rather difficult being part of the committee on this one. However, we are learning a lot and I look forward to July when we actually have it.

Finally, on Sunday we had a bowling birthday party for my son. He turned 11 in February and we finally got around to the party. Since his birthday is so close to Valentine's Day, it has always been difficult to have a party for him and have his friends actually attend. He had 11 of his classmates there on Sunday so they had a blast. We also had the opportunity to talk with some of the parents that I didn't really know so that was also a plus. Sometimes you don't realize what type of event will bring someone to you that will make a difference. I suspect one of those parents will be that difference. We'll see as time moves along.

Beyond that, I am doing what I can to complete things I need to and get things in order. *Huggles to all*

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