Monday, March 24, 2008

How Do You Spell Relief?


Well, just as I felt, the bone scan came back clean. :)

My GP wants to do a follow-up on Wednesday. I sure there is a battery of tests they will still want to perform to rule out anything else. However, there will be no more tests. I'm done with it.

Luckily, I also received a call from my NeuroSurgeon today. He is certain it is merely a birthmark... aka hemangioma. It's nothing to worry about although we may watch it just to make sure it doesn't try to invade space that my spinal cord should have to its lonesome. After holding my breath for a week, I can now breathe and the future doesn't look quite as grim. I trust this man with my life, and there's a reason. He doesn't need to scare you unnecessarily and honestly, I suspect he would have never even ordered a bone scan but it wasn't his decision to make at the time.

I trust his diagnosis. I trust him. So the plan will be simple. I will have MRIs for the rest of my life for my brain tumor. Now I'll occasionally have a head/neck MRI to make sure the hemangioma isn't growing.

You wouldn't believe how much this makes me feel better. *Huggles*

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