Friday, March 14, 2008

The Week in Review 3-14-2008

This is probably a birthday week I won't soon forget. LOL

Medically - Oh where to start... I pretty much summed up a good part of my week in my entry yesterday. Needless to say it hasn't been a good week and I've had a lot of pain due to my neck. However, the MRI is scheduled for today and with any luck we'll get some results and maybe something to fix my neck. I'm not going to hold out hope on the adjustment today so that my neck isn't hurting but a girl can wish can't she?

Other than what I described, there hasn't been much else medically. I've written off a few things that occurred this week as "there was no action so no point in saying it" but other than that things have been par.

Emotionally - Other than being in A LOT of pain this week, I've been pretty stable in the emotional front. Nothing really to report here although I have been wrestling with my emotions on something that I'm considering just not sure when or how. (How's that for confusing? LOL)

Mentally - I've made good progress in a few different areas this week including the house, paperwork, and just plain mentally. I'll go into more details as I get into things in a few days.

Physically - I still have occasional sinus pressure but it is pretty much gone and put on a back burner with the pain in the neck I've been having. My pains are shooting from my upper back/neck area and into my head just like when I originally injured it. I'm guessing that I've got the nerve good and pinched by now. With any luck, I'll be pain minimal by the weekend but... like I said, I'm not holding out much hope on that.

Family - I had a good post earlier in the week about what went on over the weekend and for now I'm just going to leave the weekend at that. It was a good, fun weekend and I look forward to many more like them.

This week has been about normal when it comes to family. We talked to my son this weekend about some decisions we have made so we had to wade our way through that but for the most part he is handling it very well. He also got his report card this week so we had to have another long discussion on what we expect out of his grades. (No more detail here.)

The one point in the week that bothered me greatly was the one thing I knew would eventually come up. He told me that he felt this whole thing was his fault. (For those of you that don't remember it was a baseball he threw at me that hit me in the face that led to the MRI that found my tumor.) I was quick to tell him it wasn't and explain to him why but I'm not sure how much he believes it. It's not his fault... not now, not ever. Some things just happen and we don't always know why. Truth is, me getting hit with the ball could eventually save my life. We are watching my tumor now and we are prepared to treat it but had I not had that MRI... well, we'd be oblivious. I'm going to actually stop here with this line for now. I think it's got good material in it for later in the week if I get time to post a separate message. Anyway, just keep my son in your thoughts that he doesn't continue to blame himself and realizes that he could be my angel in disguise. :)

Play - Well, my son enjoyed bowling over the weekend and we had an overall fun time. This week has been a little lean on the play things but mostly because I've been hurting so bad. We were going to dance Thursday night and again on Saturday but needless to say I'm not feeling up to it. We'll see what the next week brings.

Well, that sums up my week. Honestly, I could have given a one word description and that would have been... Pain. Oh well. I will have my MRI in a few hours. We probably won't know anything immediately but maybe they will reassure themselves that it's in my neck and not my head and I can get some relief soon. So here's to hoping they see enough to agree to pain pills and an adjustment and we'll go from there. *Huggles*

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