Thursday, March 13, 2008

How My Life Has Changed

Background first.

About two or three years ago, I had an accident that caused a whiplash type injury in my neck. I suffered from it for almost six months before I found a chiropractor that was eventually able to get control of it. After sorting it out, I continued to see him about every six weeks to make sure things stayed where they should. For the most part they did but occasionally I'd have a problem and would have to see him sooner.

Well, after being diagnosed with my brain tumor, he has been much more cautious about when and how he gives me treatment. I guess this isn't really an issue because I appreciate him being cautious but sometimes I am just certain it is my neck and nothing else.

This brings us to the last week. I was carrying around a lot of computers the last few weeks for work. These are full-size computers complete with about 40 pound weight. Well, as I should have known, tossing them around like a rag doll tossed my neck/back out of whack. By the time it was bad enough for me to contact him, they were closed for the weekend so I had to wait until Monday.

I had a few stabbing pains with it over the weekend but nothing unusual for my neck when it is having problems. However, because he was concerned that it could be pressure related instead of nerve, he didn't give me the typical adjustment. Instead, he asked me to email my NeuroSurgeon to see what he thought. Well, I had delayed but on Tuesday I decided I had better when the feel of my pain increased. These new pains continued for several hours. On Wednesday, I saw my GP and he agreed it was probably neck related and on a typical patient they would prescribe pain meds and an adjustment and send them on their way. Oh, but wait, I'm not the typical patient. Instead of just getting the treatment and moving on, I have to have a head/neck MRI... to be safe.

So, I guess on Friday I will go in to have another MRI. My last MRI was a mere 4 weeks ago. It's pretty sad when you can almost call an MRI machine your second home. LOL

Anyway, I don't believe it's anything to get worried about but here is what I now have to deal with since the world now knows I have a brain tumor. *Huggles*

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