Friday, March 7, 2008

It all began with whiplash

A few years ago, I suffered a minor neck injury due to a whiplash type accident. I suffered with it for almost six months before I found my chiropractor and he "cured" it in just a few weeks. However, I frequently have to be cautious with what I do because the area will probably never fully heal again. Just like anything in the spine, once you mess it up, it can go back any time.

Anyway, now that the background is complete, I did some of those bad things this week. I was carrying some computers that are on the heavy side and I carried A LOT of them this week. Needless to say, I probably did too much. At some point in the week, I felt a pop and knew I'd done a bad thing. By then it was to late to get into the chiropractor so I would have to suffer the weekend with it. Some day I will learn to get in before I start having the pains when I know that I've done a bad thing. *Sigh*

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