Friday, March 28, 2008

I Really Am Still Here

I just don't want anyone thinking I'm giving up on my blog. I really am still here and I am writing as well... just not publishing some things yet. You'll understand by the end of the weekend with any luck. Then you'll have to go back and read the entries I've made that are currently hidden. Honestly, after this weekend, you should see A LOT more entries in my blog because I will have A LOT to talk about. If anyone has me in a reader... I'm not sure how it will treat the entries I post that will have older dates so if you don't see a bunch after I make the announcement... you might want to check this out. I will give them a special label or something so they are easy to find.

Ok, enough of just giving enough to make everyone wonder. I promise, real soon there will be no more secrets.


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