Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Don't Think I Glowed

On Thursday March 20 I had my first ever (and hopefully last) bone scan. We had to go in early in the morning and I received a shot of a radioactive material that will adhere to my bones in various degrees depending on activity of the bone cells. I was to return almost four hours later to have the scan.

When I returned, I had to lay down on a table similar to the one they use for the MRI. However, instead of laying head first, this one was feet first. They put a "giant rubber band" over my shoes to keep them still and together. Then they used a giant velcro closure to secure my arms to my side. After I was secure and instructed not to move, they raised the table and fed me into a machine.

The top of the machine reminded me of an xray in that it had the white board that is always in the area of the picture. For this test the started with my head and moved the machine up to the point my nose almost touched this board. (Anyone who thinks an MRI is claustrophobic should take caution with this test.) The machine sat there for several minutes before the bed slowly moved and scans were taken of every inch of my body. The scan itself took about 20 minutes and was pretty much just uncomfortable. My legs ached from not moving and the heat from the machine was enough that it would "burn" in the area but it was nothing unbearable.

After it completed my entire body, I was asked to turn my head all the way to the left and the machine was moved to my right side. This scan took approximately 10 minutes and was then repeated on my other side. These were the specific scans that were to be done of my neck to see if it is determinable what is going on. The worst part of these was turning my already hurting neck all the way to one side and holding it for 10 minutes. UGH

After it was over, I was given a copy of the CD and allowed to go home.

Obviously I have not got the experience looking at these that I do the MRIs. I quickly looked at them and then did all the research I could online. To me, they look good but I shall wait for the radiology report before I get to excited.

I hope this description helps someone some day. :)

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