Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spoiler Alert... Read First paragraph

Yes, you read that right. This has a spoiler alert attached. I know how some people would rather read the whole story and live the terror before knowing the outcome so this is your chance. If you want to live it... go back and read the posts that have the label Nightmare2. You might have to give it a bit because I have a lot of posts to proofread and publish but it is the only way you can really live it. (Remember to read from the bottom up!!!) I will post a message out here when I finish all the back posts as well so you know that it's safe. Now, if you don't want the ending spoiled... Stop reading now.



Long story condensed.

I began having an issue with a neck injury I've had for a few years. I referred to it in a previous entry. However, now that I have a brain tumor my chiropractor was concerned it was masking something occurring in my head. Thus he refused to work on me until I had spoken with my NeuroSurgeon. The next day I went to the Emergency Room the pain was so bad. (Never did see a doctor but that's another story entirely.) In the end, they called for a head/neck MRI. The head looked good but they found what they believed was a tumor in my C3 vertebra. The beginning of nightmare two. In the end, after a bone scan, it was determined that it was merely a hemangioma or a birthmark that had formed in my vertebra. Nothing to be seriously concerned with. We'll watch it. I have bigger fish to fry. Story ends.

Obviously it wasn't that laid back as we went through it but the story ended with a happy ending and that's the most important thing. Who knew a birthmark could terrify you? Now if you want you can read the story now that you know the outcome. *Huggles*

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