Friday, October 5, 2007

Greatest Day of My Life

Saturday, October 5th, 1996 was the single greatest day of my life. That was the day that I married my best friend and the man I wished to be my life long partner. We parted ways on October 4th less than an hour before midnight. Afterall, it is bad luck for a groom to see the bride on their wedding day before she walks down the aisle.

The next morning I was ushered into a little dressing area in the church where my Maid of Honor (My Best Friend) and my bridesmaid (Another good friend) did my hair and make-up. I wish I had half the talent at doing my hair. I am not to shy to admit that they did a great job and I looked beautiful. (I will try to post a picture but very few of my wedding pictures turned out... lesson learned, spend the money and hire a professional.) The whole time we were back there I was nervous, not because I was going to get married, but because I was hiding something that I knew would shock everyone. (Nothing like a little suspense eh?)

Anyway, it was finally time and my party led the way. It was our understanding that they would change the music to "Here Comes the Bride" after everyone was at the front and in place. However, they were waiting for a sign from us to start the music. So my dad and I stood in the hallway waiting for them to play the music. This lasted for several minutes before they finally changed the music and we walked down the aisle. The moment my eyes met with John's was the most amazing thing. Immediately any nerves I had were dissolved.

Ok, the shock. I had told the preacher, without anyone else knowing it, that I had a special speech that I'd like to give during the ceremony. Shortly after beginning the ceremony, he gave me my cue. The whole church became quiet as I confessed my love. (I'll post the speech in another entry) I know some admitted they fell into tears and others were just shocked at it all. All I was doing was confessing exactly what I felt.

We then said our vows, exchanged rings, lit the unity candle, and were pronounced Husband and Wife. We had a little reception at a local club. It was a good time and I have lots of fond memories. For instance, let me see a show of hands of all the brides that have caught their own garter. *Looks around as no one raises their hands and raises her own* Seriously, I did. John threw it and it landed on a thin line that was running across the area. The boys tried grabbing it and knocked it off right to me. Then there was the fact my Best Friend caught the bouquet so her boyfriend (who was the Best Man) ran and hid before the garter was thrown so that he didn't catch it. Which brings me to the Best Man speech...

I honestly can't remember all that was said in the speech but the part that stands out to me is that right before the speech, I told my Maid of Honor that it was going to be difficult to toast. You see, I am exactly five foot. John is six foot three. We're not exactly made for a locked arm toast. Well, the Best Man thought of everything!!! He had decorated a milk crate with pretty white lace that put me just the right height for a beautiful locked arm toast.

The first dance was so amazing. I remember looking into his eyes the entire time "Wind Beneath my Wings" played. It had to be obvious to everyone present that we were deeply in love.

Oh, the best part of the reception... It seems like it is almost tradition that the bride and groom make sure that cake gets smeared as much as possible on the others face when they have the first piece. Well, John and I decided to take that one step further and rather than smear it over each other's face, we would turn and get our Maid of Honor and Best Man. Well, what John didn't know is that my Maid of Honor and I had agreed neither of us wanted to mess up our make-up so when I was supposed to put it in her face, I turned and got him just as he turned back around. I did end up with icing across my face after he realized what happened but it was all fun. Now that I think about it, I think it was a clever trick by my Maid of Honor because she was the only one without cake on her face!!! (I still love ya Jess!!!) After we got all the giggles out of the way we did it properly to tons of oohs and aahhs.

We finally were able to sneak out of the reception and we went to our new home to change clothes and for him to "carry me across the alter". We had to be cautious though because I was pregnant and we didn't want to cause any problems. His dad informed us that a new bride is not allowed to make the bed the morning after her wedding so he had gotten us a nice hotel room at a local hotel in town. (We didn't have the money for a honeymoon so we waited on that.) That night I think both of us were sound asleep by 8 PM and I don't think we had left the reception until 6!!!

The last thing that our wedding day has to include even though it's not the greatest thing... The next morning we woke up and enjoyed a quiet morning at the pool. Shortly after we returned to our room, we received the call that our car had been broken into overnight and they had stolen John's cd player. It wasn't exactly the way we wanted to start our married life together but it was just the first obstacle we knew we'd face and overcome together.

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