Friday, October 26, 2007

Surprise!!! Three doctors, three opinions!!!!

Some of you have already seen this but thought I'd post it in my blog so I forever have a record of it.

Ok, we are on our way out of Chicago heading back home. Dr. C (name withheld to protect the innocent) was fabulous and he has yet another idea on what he would do.

As for tumor size, he said there is no real way of telling without going in. I like his honesty on this. His recommendation is to take my time and watch it while I contemplate what I want to do. He assured me there is no definitive answer right now and that only I can make the decision on what to do and when. His recommendation is that, when I am ready, I have an open biopsy as opposed to the burr hole biopsy. He said the difference is that they would make about a four inch incision, remove part of the skull, and then remove a large portion of the tumor and/or frontal lobe that would then be sent to pathology. This would give us a firm idea of what we are dealing with. He assured me that the only complications beyond that of normal surgical risks are of seizure which is something I can have at any time regardless of whether I choose to do anything or not. He said that even though the open biopsy sounds aggressive, the chance of causing me any personality harm in the process is minimal compared to what might occur with a resection because it will be strictly on one side of the brain.

The other thing he recommended is an EEG and I will be seeing if one can be done locally or if we will have to return to Chicago for that. A minor test, no big deal.

At this time, I will continue to watch it for any signs of change. Now is not the time to attempt to undergo any type of surgery with my history of sinus/bronchitis issues so nothing will be done for a minimum of six months. In the meantime, I will continue to prepare and educate myself and we will take the next step when that time comes.

There's your latest update. Nothing like having a problem that no one can really agree on. I always knew I couldn't ever have an easy problem. :)


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