Monday, October 29, 2007

Took a Well Deserved Break

Hi everyone. Sorry I didn't blog at all over the weekend. After ten weeks of living in the unknown, DH and I decided we needed to just go out and have some fun as a family. We took of on Saturday and used our Six Flags season passes for the final time of the season. We had a good time riding the roller coasters (shhh... don't tell my doctors because I'm sure I probably shouldn't be riding them) and enjoyed their Fright Fest. They had several really neat shows and creepy crawlies around every corner. They even had a nice haunted train ride that DH and I enjoyed. (DS hid his head in his coat during the whole thing.) I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys the "things that creep in the night".

Other than that, we have determined that I will eventually do the open biopsy but that it will not be any time soon unless something prompts it to be done sooner. I will be having an EEG as soon as I work out how I'm going to organize my doctors. It may take a few weeks to sort things out. Basically, I will need someone here locally to help me schedule tests and report the results to my doctor who is 3 hours away. I'll have to decide who I want representing me down here.

Today is my Great Aunt's funeral so I won't be around work most of the day. I can't wait for life to get at least partially back to normal. I will be writing about my "preparations", detailed descriptions of tests, and some more on my medical planner. However, I might actually be able to make some posts related to my "life beyond the tumor", very soon. I know that at least for the start of this blog there's not been a lot of content beyond it. Unfortunately, that has been the biggest part of my mind lately and you write what you feel.

I look forward to writing more soon but for now, I've got to get some things sorted out to go to the funeral. *Huggles*

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