Wednesday, October 3, 2007

First Sinus Infection of Fall?

Well, it seems I'm coming down with my first sinus infection of the year. Monday I could feel the "tickling" sensation up in my sinus and yesterday the complete and total fatigue came along with it. Today, there is definitely pressure in there but I'm not exactly sure what all is going on. See, I still can't feel anything consistently on the right side of my face and that is typically the side that "stuffs" up first. I don't think I'm clogged yet but I'm not really certain. I was really hoping that the numbness would be gone by the time this time of the year rolled around just so I didn't get into this scenario.

Anyway, I'm taking my nasocort religiously and I started on a bit of dayquil to go along with it. I went home early yesterday and slept about three hours in the afternoon. That helped tremendously as well. Tonight I will probably go to bed early, with my good ole vaporizer and hopefully I can kick this thing out before it takes too big of a hold.

I love October. I hate allergies. I hate Sinus Infections. I love October. Ironic isn't it?

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