Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A symbol of My Paradise

Well, paradise can be many things to many people. The picture to the right is a small token of my paradise. The picture is taken from my front porch on the night of the harvest moon this year. John came home that night saying that it was beautiful and he was absolutely correct. You can see that the clouds are moving towards it and gives a perfect October eeriness about it.

October is perhaps my favorite month because of the beautiful colors of the trees, the cool yet not cold air, and the beautiful scenes such as the picture above. Not only that, October is the month of Halloween and it is my favorite holiday. I will probably attach more pictures of "my paradise" throughout the next few years.

I'll leave you with one final picture of my paradise, my loving family.


  1. It's my favorite time of the year also, I smoke a pipe and spend far too much time on my balcony watching the golden leaves fall and the sun softly poking through the grey clouds... I should be doing my paper work. But. My wife had a brain hemorage this year, no damage done, but it does give me a new perspective on things. Well, best of luck with the blog, hope you write a bit more than just five words. DitD

  2. Hi Amy
    Thanks for the reply. I have added you too my top blogs links. I was a bit down today and your blog cheered me up a bit, always good to focus on the important things in life and all that. My wife is doing fine and has just polished off a healthy dinner I cooked. Food always brings out the best in a women. LOL. Now I'm off to my Amsterdam balcony to smoke a pipe...I know, I know it's not good for me.