Monday, October 15, 2007

Finally, Harvest is Almost Over!!!

My husband John works on John Deere combines and tractors. Therefore, this time of year is mighty hectic and I never know what time he will make it home. Last month he put in 100 hours of overtime in four weeks and that's not counting the numerous calls he received on his Sundays (his day off) that I had to screen. Don't get me wrong, the paychecks are awesome and they make it worth it but it gets old having meals ruined because he ends up late and having to handle everything inside and out by yourself because he's not home. To top it all off, harvest started at about the same time as my diagnosis so it's been rough emotionally as well. Anyway, last week he was actually home by 6:30 all but one night so that was something to cheer about since for three weeks previous I hadn't seen him before 7.

He is looking forward to being home at night as well as a day "off" on Friday to go to Chicago. Pretty sad when you consider that a day off. LOL

I also can't wait for the crops to finish getting in so some of the dust dies down and my sinus is able to clear itself and hopefully keep from getting into a full blown infection.

Ok, for some reason this feels like a boring blog entry so I will stop while I'm ahead. I have so many ideas running through my mind to blog that I'm not really sure where to go next. However, I know I have promised details on my "Medical journal" and on the MRI so I will try to write about my journal tomorrow and my MRI on Thursday since it will be fresh in my memory. I'll come up with something for Wednesday and if I can finish putting up spider webs, it will be halloween. We'll see how that works.

Ok, I'm rambling again. Huggles

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