Friday, October 5, 2007

How to Celebrate Ten Years

Yes, this is our eleventh anniversary not tenth but I wanted to share with you how we celebrated our tenth anniversary. You see, John and I and our son all enjoy an online community/game called puzzle pirates. It's really quite a brilliant game and we have met a lot of very special people through it. Well, although not giving any special privileges, we thought that having our pirates marry in the game would be a fun reason to celebrate and give us the opportunity to renew our vows in a fun environment. So, on our tenth anniversary, we renewed our vows as our pirates DreamCatcher and DeereSlayer (he works for John Deere...) wed.

The ceremony was written and officiated by our monarch and dear friend, Limeysmum (Mum). The special vows we share were written by us.

To place the scene, we are on a small yet beautiful island surrounded by a dozen of our closest pirate friends. DreamCatcher is wearing a white dress with aqua edges and a head piece made of white flowers. DeereSlayer is wearing a white dress outfit with aqua edges and looks mighty sharp if I should say so myself. Our son Jazer joins us at the side.


coughs to clear throat

Dearly Belubbered,
We are gathered here today,
to renew the union of this Rapscallion and this wench,
in unlawfully wedded matrimony.
If any o ye object to such a union,
Ye be 10 years too late.
Speak now so Jazer can stab ye with his blade.

Turns to DeereSlayer

Do ye, Deereslayer,
continue to take this wench,
in victory or defeat,
in Scurvy and in Shingles,
for booched or for incredible,
as long as ye both shall sail?


Aye do

Turns to dreamcatcher and smiles

10 years have passed since we said I do
And I stand before ye today to show me love is still true
Weve weathered rough seas and enjoyed the calm
And I will fight beside ye with a sword in me palm
To the end of our sail I’ll be true blue
And never stop giving all me love to you


Turns to DreamCatcher

Do ye, Dreamcatcher,
continue to take this rapscallion,
in victory or defeat,
in Scurvy and in Shingles,
for booched or for incredible,
as long as ye both shall sail?


Aye do

Takes a deep breath and stares upon Deere’s deep blue eyes

Ten leagues back, me spoke of love and tis meaning.
Me was a green wench back then fer it is many incredibles more beautiful
and no ultimate can compare.
As we continue to travel the ocean of life,
Me will continue to give ye all the sails tokens I can manage
and shall that carry us to that lovely blood.
Me will follow ye into any battle with sword a drawn
Or fists clenched.
Shall our chosen colors always mesh.
Love ye ferever


Ye may now both disable your DND for a trade request.


With this ring, I do trade.


By the power vested in me by Yohoho and the flag Limelight,
I now pronounce ye Pirate and wench.
Ye may kiss yer mate.


kisses Dreamcatcher


jumps in for a group hug

Sounds like a beautiful way to celebrate doesn't it? :)

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