Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trying to Become more Consistent

Even before the diagnosis of a brain tumor, I knew that I really needed to work to get back into shape. When I was younger and in school, I was always "large" but I was also very active so I was extremely muscular. I remember I used to lift weights in PE and loved playing things like badminton, hockey, or football. However, after I got pregnant with my son, I let that all fall to the wayside. This isn't to say that I became all flab, but things didn't come as easy and the muscle I used to have was replaced by "not as much muscle".

Now you have to realize, that many people around my place of work thinks that I am relatively healthy because I'm always "on the move", carry computers around like they are rag dolls, and seem to never lack energy. However, I know that I am not that healthy and that the things I do now are not even a drop in the bucket to what I used to do. I've disliked this part of me for some time and did actually do something about it two years ago when I dropped 30 pounds, but I'm still not satisfied.

Something I have done inconsistently for about three years now is walk. When I originally dropped my 30 pounds, I was walking about five miles a day according to my pedometer. This was at work walking as well as walking I did in the evenings. Well, I'm sure I still do around 3 miles a day at work but I pretty much ended my after work walking. A neighbor and I have gotten back into the habit of walking at night... if only it were more consistent. With my son in soccer, after school things, us in dance, nights at my mom's, them camping over the weekend, etc it becomes difficult to do it consistently and once you've walked with someone, the motivation just isn't there to walk by yourself! However, when I do walk with my neighbor, we walk 3 miles. It feels good and we keep a really good pace. I think my problem is just that I need a goal or reason to become more consistent with it. Anyone have any ideas?

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