Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Venting: A Girls Sanity Gift

Ok, I'm in a venting streak today. It was on August 30th that I requested my medical records. Guess what I still don't have? Anyway, I contacted the records department today to find out the holdup. (Legally I could sue because they did not complete it in 30 days but I really don't have the energy for that endeavor.) Well, it appears that my general doctor is the holdup and hasn't yet submitted his stuff. I love my GP dearly but some days his office can truly annoy me completely. Maybe it really is time to think about changing doctors whether I really want to or not. Not only is this a strike against his office but he made some poor decisions in the past that caused a lot of unnecessary headache (This isn't even counting the mistake with the size of the brain tumor.) I don't know, I guess there may be a few doctor's who need replacing in the next few weeks.

Oh speaking of brain tumors and doctors... can you believe that his office charged me and my insurance for the appointment when he told me I had a brain tumor? For all the good the information he gave me was, I would have just as soon heard it over the phone and saved the $15 copay. That is truly annoying but too late now.

It's sad when I'm so ticked that I can't even keep a post flowing smoothly. Maybe I better wrap this thing up and try and get some hot tea or something. I really need to calm, I can see that my blood pressure is a bit up. (Yes, I can see it, my arteries/veins are standing up on the back of my hand and that only happens when it is up. They aren't throbbing yet though so it's not dangerously high.)


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