Monday, December 29, 2008

An Update on Team Larson

I hope I have all of the facts right but here is my understanding of what is going on.

I just found an update on my buddy Coleman. The first is the details to my understanding of what happened and below it is an update from Mimi whom is the mom of a little boy who has earned his angel wings and good friends with the family.


His mom had posted a message Christmas Eve that things were not looking good and they spent the day at the hospital. They sent him home with an increase in steroids that day with instructions to return the next day. I hadn't seen any further updates from there but one of the other blogs I read had an update on him and that one of the original carepage mom's that I followed had put updates so I checked it out there. As of yesterday, still no update since he was air lifted.

I really feel for them because they knew things were not good and it would probably be his last Christmas so they had lots of really nice plans laid out to make it super special for the two boys. Family had come there from all over the states to see him "one last time" and then this happened. However, they are very strong in their faith of God so he is in good hands. :)


Just a quick update hoping it will calm everyones nerves a bit...

As of last night Team Larson was spending time together. All 4 in a hospital room still, enjoying every second of it as again time is not a luxury they have .
Peggy has not been near a computer since they were taken there . I wonder what her email box looks like!!!!!

keep Lighting a candles for Team LArson as they only last for 48 hours

If you would like to light a candle for Coleman the group name is: CSL

I will update you if I hear more.

Don't forget to hug your loved ones today.

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