Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Giving Thanks, Christmas Eve Edition

Tonight I give thanks to the Heavens and God himself. He gives us life, guides our life with his eternal light, gave his only son to save us, and gives us hope each and every day.

As many know, I am not the greatest follower of the church but I am a believer in the light of our savior and the grace of his hands. I believe in miracles brought on by our Father and the joy he puts in our heart. I believe in his guidance and his forgiveness. Most of all I believe in him amazing power and that he knows what is best for us at all times. He challenges us and makes us become the best we can be. Sometimes we don't like the journey he puts us on, but it always teaches us things about ourselves and makes us better for it.

I am thankful and blessed for our Father and the journey he has led me on. I never believed I could handle this with the grace I have or touched so many people. I feel my life has finally been fulfilled and every day is a gift.

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