Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Giving Thanks, the Sixth Edition

I am thankful for my wonderful co-workers. I always knew that I worked with several magnificent people but I never realized just how wonderful until I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This was when everyone rallied beside me. They were the ear when I needed to talk, the pat on the back when I was feeling down, and the encouragement when I doubted myself. They never doubt that I am doing the right thing and they stand behind my every decision. Lately, they have made me laugh about all my crazy hats and odd outlook. You do know that laughter is the best medicine. :)

I have a few special call-outs to some of my co-workers. First to Robyn. I don't think she realizes just how much our long talks mean to me and how much it keeps me focused. She is that friend I have needed that I can go to when at work and before we are done talking, whatever was bothering me has disappeared. Thanks Robyn.

I also have to mention my "mom at work". Sharon is the sweetest thing and was actually one of the first people I told about my brain tumor. Poor thing, I went to her while she was eating lunch and just said... "If I tell you something major will you promise not to freak out?" Of course, she said yes... until I told her I had a brain tumor. She nearly hit the roof. However, she stood behind my decisions all the way through and that meant a lot to me. She also helped me see things from a different perspective several times. Thanks Sharon.

It wouldn't be winter and hat season if I didn't mention Mac (Sorry I'm not sure how you spell your name). He is sure to tell me how much he loves my hats each and every day. As much as I hate wearing them, he brightens me up and makes wearing hats not so bad. He is certain I will start a trend of women wearing hats. We'll see if it works or not. Thank you for making me smile, Mac.

Lastly, but not leastly, the IT team. I know I have not been the easiest to work with and probably haven't pulled my share between doctor's appointments and the like but you have always been patient and I appreciate that. I know my "mood swings" have been misdirected a few times and I'm glad you know not to take offense to it. You were also the first to send me something when I was in the hospital and I absolutely love it. Thank you, Guys!

I really can not express how much all of my co-workers mean to me. Even those on other shifts that I don't see often and some... I'm ashamed to admit... I don't even know their name, are quick to give a hug or ask how I am doing. Even though things at work could be smoother, I know when I walk into the door I'm loved by lots. Thanks Everyone!

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