Monday, December 15, 2008

Giving Thanks, the Nineteenth Edition

I have read from many others who are traveling a similar journey as myself, that employers/managers/bosses can make this journey easier or downright unmanageable. I have been blessed with the boss that understands and cares. I never hesitated about making sure my boss was in on what was going on from the very beginning. I knew he would never hold it against me and that I needed him to know what was going on because this was not a journey I would travel alone. This is why he was called right after I spoke to my husband. He knew something was wrong when I told him my doctor wanted to see me after my MRI. He was certain something was wrong when I asked him to call a meeting so we could talk. Sometimes I regret telling him over the phone because I think that was the wrong way to do it. However, he knew and was behind me 100% right from the start. He allows me the flex time I need to make doctor appointments or whatever and he doesn't say a word if I go a few days with few accomplishments because I sought someone out to vent. He understands that it is as much of an emotional roller coaster as physical. Speaking of physical, he even brought me in a cot to rest on if the hardships of the day became too much when I came back from surgery.

He is never shy of offering rides to doctor's appointments, to pick me up at my house (even though it is 30 mins one way), or telling me to take the time I need. I could hear the relief and shock in his voice when I called him the night I had surgery to tell him everything went well. What that does is proves that he is far beyond a boss but a very caring friend.

For the many offers to help with doctor's appointments, rides, or just an ear... Thank you, Jim, for everything you've done for me this year.

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