Thursday, December 4, 2008

Giving Thanks, The Eighth Edition

Today I would like to give thanks for my best friend. Jessi and I go all the way back to the sixth grade when I moved. We weren't always "best" friends but as we've matured our friendship has grown and I can't think of a better best friend to have. She and I have had many long talks, she has corrected my poor grammar at least a zillion times, and she doesn't freak out when I get into my... "will you watch over my boys for me" moods. She is one of the many reasons I have been able to handle the last year with poise and probably a big reason I haven't been driven to drinking. LOL Despite being very busy with her five kids, she is always able to bail me out when I need an ear, a smack, a laugh, or a babysitter! (Then again most of the time it's simply a roll of the eyes.)

These blessing posts are a little short so I'm going to start adding more to them if I can. I am going to share a story about Jess and I's friendship. When we were in the... oh who knows what grade it was... we actually dated the same guy and almost exactly the same time. For most friends this is a major bad thing but for her and I, it brought us closer together. We actually dated the other ones ex boyfriend on two different occasions and we dated best friends at one point. (They are no longer dating and the guys are no longer best friends.) To top it off, I set her up with the said best friend after I had lovingly told her previously how much of a jerk I thought he was. (He grew on me later.)

Anyway, to the momma of all my little nieces and nephews... Love ya, Jess!!!


  1. I love you too girl!! Anytime you need a smack I'm here for you. Seriously, girl you made me cry--so not cool. You know I'm always a phone call away. Good days, bad days and all the ones in between!!
    Love ya!

  2. Now do you see why I love her so much? :D