Monday, December 22, 2008

Giving Thanks, The Twenty-Sixth Edition

I haven't liked picking out individuals because there is no way I could possibly thank each and every person that I am blessed to know. However, one person in particular deserves a little extra spot in these blessings.

I know he will be extremely moved and probably embarrassed by me making this post but I wish to give a thank you to a special blessing that touched me this year. I have known of this young man for several years but it was only recently that he reached out to speak with me on a one-to-one basis. This is when I learned how amazing he is. We have since messaged each other on several occasions and each time I learn more about him and feel more gratitude for the friendship we have created.

I don't wish to betray his trust by posting messages he has sent to me therefore I shall simply paraphrase some things that have touched my life considerably, just as my life has touched his. From our many early morning/late night conversations, I give you a special blessing... Bookworm.

He has told me in many ways that I have showed him a side of himself he did not realized existed. He has learned to use every challenge big or small as a stepping stone in life. He credits me with teaching him how to deal with pressure and remain cool despite.

I have credited him with bringing me out of downs many times. Reminding me that life is a journey and we are all on different paths and stages. I fully believe that he will one day be greater than he is now at the age of 15. Last time we talked, he had chosen Engineering as a career to focus on. However so, I still believe that, even if inadvertently, he will help find the cure for brain cancer one day. Just as I have touched and influenced his life, he has mine.

To many more early/late sessions and many more PMs on Plano Hogwarts. I will never forget you or what you have shown me. Bookworm... Thank You.

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