Friday, December 12, 2008

Giving Thanks, the Sixteenth Edition

Another person I should have really spent more time giving thanks for is my wonderful son.

No eleven year old should have to go through what he has this year. I honestly do not know how much he understands what is going on but I do know he worries about me a lot. He has also, unfortunately, been the recipient of a lot of my mood swings the past several weeks. I think he understands that I don't mean to be that way but it certainly doesn't make me feel any better. I truly love him. He is a wonderful young man.

Speaking of my wonderful young man, he is one of the most compassionate kids I have ever met. He would give you anything if you asked him. He's always been that way. I have to say it is a trait he got from me. I really look forward to having the opportunity to watch him as he continues to grow. He is truly a blessing to me and one of the many reasons I fight this brain cancer and want to come out on top.

He is also a source of comic relief for me at times. I remember after I told him I was going to be having surgery and would have some metal in my head. He asked me just as straight faced as he could "Will magnets stick to your head?" It was a tension breaker and became a running joke with all of us. I think it was truly an innocent question but for a mind to come up with that as the only reply... Ahh he's my boy. He's also a lover. Even at 11 he will take every opportunity to come curl up in my chair with me or give me a hug or kiss. Unfortunately, he's as big as I am and the two of us in a chair get a bit... errr... well he squishes me.

Anyway, he is a great boy and he helped me out a lot this summer while I was recovering. I know I didn't show my appreciation enough but he still keeps giving.

I love you, J.

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