Thursday, June 5, 2008

We Are Currently In Iowa

And I finally have some internet connection. :)

We had a fabulous time in Ohio over the weekend. The weather was perfect and the lines were very tolerable. I think the longest wait we had was 45 minutes which is pretty amazing numbers. We rode each and every one of the roller coasters that were available to those above 52" in height. Top Thrill Dragster is awesome but the Millennium Force has taken a spot as my all-time favorite roller coaster. I have never ridden something so amazing and I truly never believed that a roller coaster that doesn't even invert you would ever become number one for me. If you ever go to Northern Ohio, I highly recommend you check out Cedar Point. We stayed at the Breakers Express while there and you really can't beat it. We pretty much could go in and out of the park as we pleased (after buying tickets of course). The only down part of the trip is we felt it was too chilly for Soak City but it's ok. We had a blast!!!

This isn't to say that the entire trip was without a hitch. We had to deal with a really nasty accident shortly after we hit 80 that delayed us by an hour on the way over. We also had a moment or two of panic when we managed to lose both sets of car keys... John takes the blame so don't look at me. Then on the way home we missed a couple of exits and got stopped by yet another accident. We then had to worry about the weather and what we would hit on the rest of the trip. We arrived home about 7:30 PM and I immediately started a load of laundry... It got about half done before we lost electricity for the night. All seems to be safe though. We did get 3" in about 24 hours according to what we are seeing.

Anyway, now we are in Iowa. John is in training Thursday and Friday so Jazer and I are hanging out at the hotel today and who knows where tomorrow. I have some errands to run tomorrow so hopefully I can find out how to get to them and do it without getting lost. With any luck, John's training will be over no later than 4 and we can get back home to a weekend of house cleaning and laundry...

I will touch base with you all again before Tuesday but don't look for to many entries the next few days. *Huggles*

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