Friday, June 13, 2008

The Final Post About Surgery

I did forget to mention one thing in the last post... I got to take a shower on thursday!!!!

Ok, so it isn't really surgery any more but it's the hospital which is bad enough. I was determined the whole time that I would be released on Friday the 13th. I did not want to spend any more time in the hospital than I had to. The day finally came and I was excited because I knew the only one that needed to release me yet was the NeuroSurgeon and I had heard the nurses mention that I was slated to be released on Friday so...

Throughout the morning, I slowly began putting real clothes on. I didn't want to get too far with it until I was officially released but just the thought of putting them on made me feel good. The doctor came in around noon and gave me the official release. However, he wanted me to speak with someone else first so we had to hang around. This is when we first met the radiation oncologist in Chicago. He discussed things like gamma knife and radiation for the tumor that remained. We left at around 3 PM.

We had a nice drive home and made several stops so I could get out and walk (or one of us use the restroom). I felt good really. We arrived at the town near us to get my meds and had a minor headache there because Walgreens didn't have my steroid. (Of course the one that needs to be on a strict schedule they don't have) Luckily, CVS did have. Unfortunately, not only did this put me late getting my steroid but it was almost 9 PM before we arrived home. I just wanted my own bed again. It was a very long day for me and I think I was out within minutes of arriving home. (After we sorted out pillows to try to keep me elevated for the night.)

Well, that brings us to recovery which I will sum up in one post later.

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