Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last Post about the 10th

This will be the final post about the day of surgery.

Somewhere around four to six hours after surgery, I was feeling good enough that I started calling people. I called Kat/Kate who was my wonderful blogger while I was out and I think I shocked her a bit... ok I know I shocked her a bit. I think we talked for a half hour or so and it was a nice chat. I also called my boss at work and after playing phone tag for a short while I think it was a relief to him to hear my voice. I enjoyed it.

The rest of the night I was able to get a liquid supper that my lovely husband fed to me since I was having trouble doing it with my nose lower than the table. It tasted good even if it wasn't what I really wanted. I think it was broth, cranberry juice, and I honestly can't remember what else was on there... oh yeah some jello that I left too long so it was melted before I got to it and it was pretty nasty at that point. OOPS. It's ok though. I got enough food to make my tummy happy and the nurses checked on me again and gave me my meds. Then John made his bed, we discussed the fact you could see Wrigley Field from my room, and we went to bed for the night.

I know I was awaken some time in the night for some meds but it was all a bit blurry. Oh yeah, this was when I finally got the point across that my IV was bothering me.

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