Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How About Some Real Food?

The next morning I woke up absolutely starving!!! I hadn't eaten in 36 hours (not real food anyway) and I was used to eating breakfast at around 5:30 in the morning. (That's the time I eat every morning for work.) Here it was after 7 and I was really really hungry. Anyway, before the nurses changed shift, they did switch my IV to my hand and remove my old one. YAY The new one did great and honestly didn't bother me that much.

Some time that morning, (I don't remember the time) my buddy (I'll probably tell about some of my nurses later and you'll learn about him.) brought me my breakfast but I was not happy about what he brought me. It was better than nothing but it was another liquid breakfast. I immediately let them know that I was told I could eat real food the next day and I wanted some. They discussed it with those "in charge" and about 30 minutes later or so my buddy made me very happy. Luckily, John hadn't gone after his own breakfast yet. He didn't want to eat when I wasn't allowed too. (Isn't that sweet of him?) Anyway, my breakfast was scrambled eggs, ham, pancakes, and some other good food. John cut my ham for me since the IV got in the way and I... ok my son loves this story so I guess I will tell it here. Instead of eating it with my fork like a civilized human... I was anxious enough to eat that I actually ate my pancake and ham with my fingers. I called it my right as someone who just had brain surgery. LOL Ok had to let you have your laugh.

Ok I did forget something here. My original NeuroSurgeon had told me I could get up and move around the next day. Well, early in the AM the physical therapist had come in and I had found out that I was only going to be allowed to sit up at a 90 degree angle at some point in the day and it'd be a minimum of Thursday before I could sit in a chair. Well this was not in my plans and I was not going to take that laying down. (No pun intended) Anyway, I used my iPhone to email the assistant to my first NS and pretty much begged him have the two of them talk. I wanted up TODAY!!! About 30 minutes later, the nurses came in, removed the cath, and I was sitting in the chair next to my bed.

So why was I so anxious to get out of bed. My whiplash injury was causing my neck to hurt me quite badly. I was using ice on both my eye (to try to relieve the swelling) and my neck because it was killing me. I actually rated my head pain at 1 and my neck at 5 when they asked me where my pain was that morning before they let me up. Within an hour of getting up, both numbers were at 1. I know my neck and I know what it will tolerate and it had reached its limit.

Alright, so I'm up, I've ate, and I'm happy. Now I'm going to blow them away.

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