Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Last Reminders are Gone

By Thursday morning I was free to reign around and John and I even took a few walks just for pleasure. They had at this point gotten rid of most the reminders of surgery. All the IVs were removed including the ART and vein one. My blood pressure had remained down since they have moved my IV and I was now taking all my meds orally so there was no need for either IV. This was a relief because I could now enjoy my laptop and move around without it hurting even a little bit. I think I promptly sent out numerous emails to friends and family and read some of my yahoo groups.

I also had a visit from my little brother whom brought a good friend and my son with him. It was good to see my son and let him know that I was really ok. We had a good time and chatted for most of the afternoon. They were planning on staying overnight in a hotel so we knew that would be a riot. Anyway, this pretty much sums up Thursday. It was a long, boring day that was made easier to tolerate by visitors.

Oh I almost forgot... another good friend visited me on Thursday. It was good seeing her. I don't get to visit with her often because she lives up in Chicago. *huggles*

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