Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This Woman is A CHAMP!

I just got off the phone with Amy, and if y'all have any doubts let them be quashed. Amy makes The Hulk look like a lightweight!

She had a good night. No news from Pathology yet, or anything about her CAT scan. That makes me think that if there was any thing important to discuss, they would have talked to her this morning.

She had a session with the Physical Therapy team this afternoon. They made her walk forwards, backwards, up stairs, touch her nose.. all that sort of stuff. Checking her coordination and making sure every things tracking correctly. And it is, so no worries there.

Nothing else much to report - she's slept well, walked the hallways a bit today, and is finally eating! I'll check back with her tomorrow afternoon, and update here as usual.


Here is the email that Amy sent out earlier today:

Yes, it's really me but you'll have to excuse any typos cause it's hard to type when attached to a zillion things.

I am doing great. There is very little pain and other that all this stuff hooked to me and my eye swollen shut, I feel like a million bucks. Oh and I guess I should mention I am hungry but I'm still not allowed to eat. :( I am praying for food now. :)

The surgery went great. Anesthesia assured me before I went back that they wouldn't have to use the ones I have trouble with. That was reassuring. I think I was out of anesthesia in about an hour which is really good for me. Last thing I had remembered was them trying to find a mask that would fit me. They had to go with a child one. Then I woke up being asked a zillion questtions before I had even worked out where I was. I remember looking at the clock and it was almost quarter after.. don't know what hour.

The good news is that there doesn't appear to be any deficits and it looks like they will get me to moving in a few hours. YAY!!! I am open to phone calls but no visitors yet because I'm still in ICU. My cell is the best way to reach me.

Anyway, just wanted to put my own words in and let you all know that I really am doing quite well. When it becomes a bit easier to type I'll fill you in on all the drama we've had. :)

Huggles and love ya all.


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  1. Well, hellooooo, Amy! Your mom called so I could pass along the good news of your successful surgery! She told me of the "progressive" hair cuts/styles in preparation for the surgery:(:( It WILL grow back! This blog space is really incredible. So happy to hear you are doing so well. Love, Barb & Les