Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What You've Been Waiting For

It was Tuesday morning and we left somewhere around 4-4:30 AM to drive our way to the hospital for the day of my morning surgery. It really went rather smoothly and I think we managed to sneak from my friend's house without waking too many people up. Luckily, at that hour of the morning, even Chicago traffic is nearly non-existent. We arrived and checked in, then had to wait for admitting to open so that we could do all the fun paperwork. It really wasn't that bad since most of it I had already completed by phone.

Around 5 ish I was escorted for my pre-op MRI. Not a big deal, just another MRI that I've become very familiar with over the past 9 months. Everything went smoothly and I was escorted back out to my husband after 40 minutes of so and back to the "pre-op" type rooms.

Here, I had to resume the typical of putting of a hospital gown, getting hooked up to IV, and putting on some funky TED socks to help prevent blood clots during surgery. All pretty much went as planned. They hooked me up to some fluids in my IV and some pre-emptive antibiotics and we waited to meet my doctor for the first time.He came in and we talked briefly. Didn't really have much to discuss because I thought most of the questions had been asked by me with my other NS.

I did have some surprises that would crop of later but knowing them at this point in the game wouldn't have changed anything so what's the point? Anyway, I began some itching and light rash just as they pulled the gurney outside of my room. I said "see ya along" to my parents and gave my Love a long hug and kiss, before being escorted to my temporary bed. I also called my son for a brief moment or two just as I promised. Bless him. :)

As they escorted me to the "pre-op" area, they grew gradually concerned with some rash developing and I believe they ended up actually turning the antibiotics off but don't hold me to that. Things were beginning to move a bit faster than I was comprehending and I needed to be on my usual, chipper self not worried about possible complications. In the "pre-op area", I was with a few other groups of patients and spoke with my anesthesiologists. I don't recall their names but they were two very nice young ladies. While we talked, another tech hooked up various electrodes to my chest, legs, etc and I was also introduced to my OR nurse. I apologize to all that I don't recall ANY of their names.Anyway, the anesthesiologists and I spoke about my history with complications and by the end of the conversation I felt very confident just as they did that all would work out great. See, God was shining bright and none of my trouble-makers were in my planned cocktail so they didn't foresee any serious issues. YAY!!!Ok, so that appears like a good size post to start things off and a decent stopping point. I'll do the "pregnancy test", OR theatre, and recovery in the next one. Don't want to overload ye all too much!!!

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