Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Can't Be Pregnant Now

I had to laugh, because one of the final hold-ups prior to be wheeled to the OR Theatre was they were waiting on the pregnancy test to return. I had to laugh. At this point, I knew it would be my luck that after over two years of trying to conceive, now would be the time I would make it. Like I told them, at this point if I am pregnant, my only concern is where am I going to live when I get out of here? LOL If I were pregnant at that point on Tuesday morning, then God had every ounce of his hand in it and I knew it so nothing would change anything at that point.

They were finally satisfied with results and I vaguely remember a shot of Benedryl... or at least the talk and then I was wheeled out into an elevator. One of the last things I remember is the Anesthesiologist telling me they were going to give me something to make me a little woozy (sedative I'm sure) and someone shouting the time 7:44 AM. I'm assuming this was the official start time of surgery. I was moved to the OR table and remember something about a conflict between an adult and child's mask...

What turns out to be four hours later, I was waking up to a very strange clock where I could only read the minute hand slipping to the three. How my mind calculated that it equaled quarter after whatever hour it was, I will never know but I knew and that made me smile. My first conscious thought was to lift my left arm up in front of my face and move my fingers. They worked, I was happy. Now for the lower side. Guess what, the left leg worked too. It had to be a success, right?

The next few minutes are pretty blurry but I remember a shot of something for pain and something for a bit of nausea I had. Neither bothered me much. The nurses were asking lots of questions and having me try things but I can't remember much of that. I was afraid at one point of breaking that poor nurses arm though when she asked me to push on it. It seemed like just minutes and the Dr. walked in with information for me. I don't know how much of it I really remember from him telling me and how much was relayed later by John but I remember a story about him telling me it was "about this big" (You can see my hands here right?) and that there was A LOT of swelling. He said my brain just kind of pushed its way out of my head and the only thing I could picture was one of bread rising out of a pan in a too tight space. He said he got to the tumor, cleared what he could (I don't think I remember the numbers 90% at this point but that's what I now know) and by the end it was nice and calm in the skull just like a good little brain. Imagine that... me with a good little brain... I don't believe it. :)

From there, he disappeared, some more cognitive things were run and I was wheeled to an elevator and the post-op C-T scan. I remember being told to raise my head to go in and out of the elevators and for some reason I felt they were rather surprised by my action of it. I guess they didn't really expect me to be able to do it... but I did.

I will discuss the C-T and the headache in my next post.

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  1. yay!!! I am glad you are doing so well girl!!! I hope to see ya around on PH sometime soon :) Love ya like a sis!!

    Liz aka Lily_Potter