Friday, June 13, 2008


Ok I have given up on trying to figure out how to hide images so that I don't turn off the squeamish. Instead I am going to post a bunch of pictures here with fair warning before getting to the pictures that are a big much for the squeamish. The pictures at the top are safe and most should be able to look at them without much problem. I will do my best to post them and put decent descriptions.

A few tame ones first:

This one is taken the day after surgery. As you can see my head is wrapped for protection and the like. They had just come to change this wrap. Also note the black eye.

Ok, do not read further if you can't handle seeing medical stuff...

This is what it looked like underneath those bandages above. You can see the stitches really nicely in this picture.

This was taken the day after I came home and after I gave up on the braids.

I didn't take as many pics as I wanted to but I think you get a good idea of everything. As you can see in the last one, you can still see some of the benedine or whatever they call it on my head since I wasn't allowed to take a full shower and wash my hair yet.

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