Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Flying Through the Various Therapies

After sitting in the chair for a while and proving that I was able, physical therapy came back in and I started the process of blowing everyone out of their minds.

Basically I aced physical therapy and then some. He had me do various things like touch my nose, touch his hand then my hand, move this way, move that, stand on one leg, etc. After doing all of this with no issues he was happy that I was ok and I got to go on a walk. I walked the entire circle of the floor. I also walked backwards, on my tip toes, on my heals, in a straight line, etc. He also took me to the stairs which I took with no problem. Actually he had to tell me to slow down because he didn't want me to fall.

We then returned to my room where I was told I passed and that I could have reign of the floor as long as I was with John. They discussed moving me to another room at this point but in the end we decided to just stay in the little room I was. It was a private ICU room and they had other ICU rooms available so the only downfall to it was there was no bathroom in it. This was fine with me because I had an excuse to go for a walk now and then.

I spoke with a speech therapist and occupational therapist during this time as well. I passed everything with them just as easily as I did the physical. I did learn some exercises to do in order to help strengthen and improve the movement of my jaw. (During surgery they cut a muscle that goes to your jaw.) Oh and I got to draw for one of them... if anyone has ever seen my draw they know how painful that had to be for her.

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