Saturday, June 14, 2008

We Are Really Home Now!!!

We arrived home around 8 PM last night. It was a long drive and we had some problems getting my steroids at the local drug store so it took a bit longer than we expected. However, we made it and it was wonderful to sleep in our own bed last night. I slept very well, despite having to wake up at 3 AM to take my steroid. Luckily, when you plan things right, it only takes a minute and then you can slip back to sleep. :)

We know that the journey is still a long ways from over but I don't think we could have asked for a better outcome to this first stage of the journey. I could not have written the surgery and recovery to go any smoother than it did. I was positive that it would all turn out great, but even I did not think it would go as smoothly as it did. I feel fabulous today despite probably not getting the amount of rest I probably should have yesterday. My biggest issue today is that my head is itching like mad. There's a bunch of "gunk" in my hair from surgery and several days of not washing it and it itches like crazy. I have a week or better to go before I can do anything about that. I really can't wait though.

The incision looks fabulous and other than a bit of minor tightness as it heals, it feels pretty good. I've found that the trend continues and the majority of the "pain relief" I am taking is more to ease the itching than any actual pain. Luckily a single tylenol dulls the nerves just enough the itching becomes manageable.

For those interested, I have lost a total of 6 pounds since the day I went into surgery. I guess that liquid diet can do more for you than you realize. :) It's not an easy way to lose it and I know the steroids will likely reverse the trend yet but at least I know of something sorta positive coming out of it.

John has agreed to help me shower here in a little while. I can't get my head wet but I can at least work on a bit more of the tape that is covering most of my body. I will probably try to sleep a lot today to finish catching up on my sleep and I'd like to spend some time on the porch today but otherwise, I'm just taking it easy.

We will be home most of the weekend and every day next week but Wednesday. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and I plan on stopping by work to prove that I really am feeling as good as I look from my posts. Seriously, this ended up being a piece of cake compared to what I expected. I am also hoping to "visit" dance next Saturday. I won't be able to dance and my visit may be for only a few minutes but again, I think it will be great for the spirit to see my friends. Otherwise, for the most part I am up to visitors. I do recommend giving us a shout before you come over though in case I'm taking a nap. I wouldn't want anyone wasting a trip to see me. Also, if you are squeamish, be sure to call before you come over. I have taken to not covering my head already and it is a bit much for those with a squeamish tendency. I have no problems covering it, you just have to let me know ahead of time. :)

I know a lot of people has asked what they can do to help us out. Right now, I really can't think of anything major. We picked up a few things last night while we waited for my meds so we have fresh fruit and veggies in the house and bread. The only thing we forgot is milk but John plans on "getting out of the house" to get that a bit later. Otherwise, we really are pretty caught up still for now. Your words of encouragement, you notes of get well, and your emails of strength have done more for us than any of you will ever realize and I will never be able to repay you all for it. I have thousands of angels looking over me and I can hear their wings beating quietly.

I love you all and I thank you for everything.


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