Thursday, December 13, 2007

The 8th Grade "Angel's Cry"

I'm not really in the writing mood today so instead of rambling on about what is going on in my life or the world of brain tumors, I'm going to share with you a poem I wrote in the 8th grade. The story behind this poem is a bit funny but I'll let you read it before I share it. I'd like to hear your opinion of it, then you can read the bottom where I explain why I wrote it.

Angel’s Cry

I can hear him in the background,
But he is so far away.
He may never be found,
But I shall look day after day.

I can feel his presence near,
Though I may never receive his love,
For I live in fear,
Like an innocent white dove.

I can see what he meant
And pray to hear more,
But I know he will not be sent
To show me the way to soar.

If we weren’t afraid to tell secrets
He’d be by my side.
My heart longs for him, yet it frets,
At the way he will forever hide.

He runs in fear of me,
An innocent white dove.
Someday I will see
Him return my love.

So what do you think? Tell me honestly. Now that you have formulated your thoughts on it and written a comment, you can now read on and get the "rest of the story".

From 6th grade until my Junior year of high school, I had a diehard crush for one of our teachers. He was extremely handsome and I just adored him, even in his faults. Well, one day I was in math class and I was extremely bored as the teacher explained something that I had already picked up on. In the class next to us, my crush was teaching and I could hear his voice through the walls. Thus "Angel's Cry" was born.

I look back and realize how crazy I was to have such a crush, but back then I truly adored him and would have given anything to be at his side. My friends from high school can tell you, I was nuts over him. My Junior year, after meeting and falling in love with John, my crush on him turned into respect and the remainder of the year was spent with this mutual respect and trust. I'll never forget one particular incident in shop class... wait, that's a story for another time. Another time when I just don't have an inspirational muse. :)

Anyway, He is obviously my teacher in the next room and he did show me the way to soar although I don't think he will ever know it. Although he may never return my love the way I loved him then, we did come to respect each other, and for me that is all the love from him I need.

I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Sounds similar to stuff I wrote when I was 15 to 16. I like the way you rhyme every other line. I always rhymed in pairs. Sounds like unrequited young love. You're too scared to say anything because you're afraid he won't be your friend or won't talk to you anymore. It's good.

  2. Wow I would of never guessed a teacher.