Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The King of Julian's World

This is going to be down a slightly different path then my entries normally take. This is about a little boy whom I have been following for several weeks now on his webpage. His name is Julian and he was diagnosed at four with a fast growing childhood brain tumor. I have read several months of the posts that his mom has made on the site about his journey, progress, and battles. I am sad to think about the fact that JuJu's battle is nearing it's end because his cancer has spread. I know I will miss the strength I get from a little boy I've never met and I can not imagine the pain that his parents must be feeling as they watch these days go by.

However, everyone is put on this earth to accomplish and touch someone. I know that Julian has probably touched countless lives with his journey and I am but one. It has given me a renewed strength to face this thing in my head... head-on. Where I once had doubts and fears about the meaningless areas of this journey, I now have the strength to push those fears aside and face this when it is my time. I still do not feel it is my time to face this, but when it is, I'm ready.

So I guess I will just end this entry with: Thank you Julian for sharing your strength with the world and thank you Mimi for letting us into your little angel's world. My prayers are with you.

This is on a similar path so I figure this is the place to include it. I wish to send my sympathies and prayers to the parents of young Evie. Evie was born with a heart defect and passed away quietly yesterday.

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