Friday, December 7, 2007

The Week In Review 12-7-07

Well, this has been a relatively eventful week so I'll try to see if I can put it all into logical order. :)

Medically - Thursday was my EEG as planned. I will say that I am glad it is over and I hope I don't have to do it again any time soon. Although not invasive or horrid by any means, it was far from a pleasant test!!! Anyway, we should have the results from it in a week or so and with any luck I'll catch up on my sleep sometime in the next month!!! LOL I will write an entry later on what the EEG was about and my typical detailed info on it.

I saw the chiropractor today to have my neck adjusted and I feel so much better since it was done. Also, my trigeminal seems to be doing some things this week, perhaps set off by the lack of sleep, so it will be interesting to see where that brings me. Maybe when my neurologist calls me with the results of my EEG, I will discuss my trigeminal with him some more.

Emotionally - Again, my emotions have been in check this week. I had a bit of crankiness the later part of the week but it's no wonder since I haven't gotten a three day sleep quota let alone a week. I did have some "thinking" Tuesday and Wednesday night but it's just those types of things that I will have now and then for the rest of my life. I don't think it's possible to be living with a "terminal" illness and not have those thoughts run through your mind now and again, especially on three hours sleep.

Mentally - I'm tempted to take this section out because honestly, I'm not a very good judge of my mental status. I mean, I think I am normal and I'm sure many would disagree with me there! However, I guess this can also include the things I'm doing to prepare myself mentally for what I am dealing with. I still need to write you guys an entry on Living Wills and I need to do research on wills/trusts. I keep trying to look into this one and do all the legwork I can because, let's face it, lawyers are expensive and if I can do everything but the legal jargon I will. Anything to save a few dimes. I also need to finish gathering together paperwork but I honestly plan on doing that over Christmas break when I can be in front of it and get it all together as I think about it.

Physically - Other than being extremely tired, I have been having a lot of problems with my neck again this week and I went into my chiropractor after my head felt like it could fall off today. Sure enough, it was pretty out. I had been having some eye twitches and intense "head aches" that was from it and since he adjusted it, I feel much better. Don't worry about the "head aches" because they are exactly as I get when I have a pinched nerve. If they didn't go away after the adjustment, I'd do something about it but that wasn't needed. :)

I have also been fighting the sinus pressure again. You have to love it when your body seems to come apart at the seams. Honestly, though, I think I am just still too tired to fight it all off and I need to go home and curl up in bed and sleep the rest of the week away.

Family - We have been having some problems with my son and school. It appears over the weekend he didn't do homework that he had so he didn't turn in the work on Monday. Then he got caught cheating on a paper. He did pretty good after that until today when I find out he didn't finish two homework assignments last night. I am in the process of trying to get him in to see what to do about his ADD since it is now worse than it's ever been. I just hope we haven't waited too long and it ends up causing him problems he can't get above.

John is unhappily counting down the days to his "snip" at the end of the month. (Vasectomy) He goes in on the 20th to have it done. We will officially be putting our conception journey to rest at that time. (Not that we have been trying since I was diagnosed but the chance was always there and honestly I think we both have been secretly hoping for a miracle.) Don't worry, I'll post all about it after it is over. :)

Play - We have gotten back into Puzzle Pirates a lot over the past few months and it feels good to be back with our friends. We also have talked a lot about our crew that we have been starting up and I hope to get that back into play over Christmas break. We have several documents to write and some skill levels of our own to increase and then we'll actually get to start recruiting. Honestly, I can't wait.

We also discovered a new game that is just one of those quiet, play on the side while you do other things, type of games. It's called Tribal Wars and it's at We are enjoying it so far. I'll give a better update some day.

Lastly, I am in the process of handling my tasks for the Yule ball on Plano Hogwarts. I will actually have things quiet enough this year to enjoy it. YAY!!!

Ok, I think that's it. This week sometime I owe you guys a detailed review of my EEG, information on Living Wills, and maybe I'll finally finish up an entry I've been working on and never gotten to my liking about "my deep, dark secret". (Ok, now that I've peaked your curiosity, it's simply about some of the reasons I've chosen to wait on the open biopsy.) Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Sorry to hear DS is not doing well in school. Hope you guys get that straightened out.

    There has been a site that advertises on TV that you can make your own legal forms at a low cost. I think 60 or under to make your own legal will. If I see it again I'll write it down.

    I was secretly hoping you would be able to get pg before the snip too. Well in the event things change it's always reversible. I know you didn't want DS and a sibling to be so far apart, but you are still really young. Diagnoses have been known to change. My friend Crystal had been diagnosed with a fatal disease and 2 years later with more tests it turned out to be harmless.

    Well keep us posted with the results. Have fun on your games and boards. :)