Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Big Snip is Over

Well, John's Vasectomy is officially over and I'm am ticked off. First off, I'll say that I'm more upset about this than he is. Why? I hate to see others in pain. I'll take all the pain in the world but I hate to see those around me even in minor pain. Thus why I am ticked off about the revelation I will tell you about.

John's vasectomy was supposed to be done with the "no-scalpel" technique. From what I've read about this technique, it is one "incision" instead of two, there are no stitches, and recovery time is quicker. This is the technique that we had agreed on because of the nature of what he does and the fact I didn't want to see him in a ton of pain. Well, once it got started and before I could say anything, we found out that it was the old-fashioned method instead. Before it was over, I was close to tears. I really would have gone back to my former method of birth control (IUD) had I known it would be traditional. I realize that many guys before him has gone through traditional and are just fine but I hate it. So now I am sitting here, quietly fuming and trying to hold my anxiety to a minimum. He is just fine with it. Yes he realizes he will be sorer but he is ok with it. Why am I the one that gets so upset and annoyed with something like this? It's not my body. *sigh* Sometimes I'm just to damn compassionate for my own good.

Well, I'm not sure I'm ready to describe the procedure yet so it will give me something to write about next week. I will try to do my week in review tomorrow but after that I probably won't be back until after Christmas. We'll see how it works. I have a ton to do and now I won't have John even helping me a little bit so...

Oh and I still don't have my MRI results...

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  1. Did you guys discuss with the doctor how you wanted it done? You know that's just wrong if they went against your wishes. I think you can even sue over that. I'm glad John is OK, but it means more work for you.

    I can understand you being mad. I hate to see anybody in pain. I would rather take it on. That is why I baby Robert when he's unwell.