Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's Always an Uphill Battle

Caution Vent, read at your own risk.

Don't get me wrong in this vent because I have a good life and I wouldn't trade any of it for all the money in the world. Although I am mad at him right now, John is one of those hubbys that do help around the house and I shouldn't be complaining. It's just unfortunate the places he likes to help isn't what I NEED but rather what he feels like doing. I'm sitting here right now eating my breakfast and decided, unless I want to spend the whole day pissed off, I'd better write in my blog while I have the chance.

In preparation for Christmas, I haven't gotten everything I want done, but I'm getting to the point that it's manageable and knocked some things off the list that don't really matter. (Who cares if my computer room is still a disaster? I can't exactly do it without my shelving and John was unable to finish that before his surgery and he's out of commission for putting them up now.) All areas except the Great Room and Kitchen are finished. I have cleaned the Great Room at least a dozen times but you would never know it now. (I have decided to just do it right before company gets here tonight and again Tuesday morning after we open our own presents. Then it has a fighting chance.) I realize John had surgery three days ago but sitting around playing video games and laughing at the TV is not helping my motivation. I should give credit where it is due, he did start a project last night when the leak in my sink that has been unfixed for months finally pushed me over the edge. However, he didn't finish it and now I have all the items that are normally under my sink all over my kitchen floor waiting for a home.

As if that wasn't enough, my son woke up this morning coughing his head off. It looks like he's come down with bronchitis. Nothing new, he or I are usually down with it for Christmas. So John is on his way to town with him to take him to prompt care. However, not before pissing me off even more with his comment, "You owe me one for this," after I asked him to take him. Just what is it that I owe you for?!?!?! Taking YOUR son to the doctor??? He acts like it is such a huge inconvenience for him. Sorry that it's cutting into your game time!!! It's like he is the only one who's Sunday plans are screwed up. I wanted him to finish my dang sink. Instead, I was under there before breakfast sanding down the sink and setting up a heater. Like I don't have other things I need to be doing. To top it off, we have had a rogue mouse going through my cabinet drawers, so guess what all needs to be taken out and cleaned today? Yep all of my silverware, cooking utensils, etc. I need to be getting things prepared to cook. I need to be cleaning out my fridge to put stuff in. I need to be doing a quick sweep of the kitchen. I haven't wrapped a single present yet. All this and my mom, dad, and brother are coming over for Christmas tonight. I'm not busy at all though. (Note the obvious sarcasm)

I asked him before he had surgery to clean my ceiling fans for me. Still not done. I asked him to finish the edge in my bathroom. Still not done. I asked him to take a paneling sheet out to the garage. Still not done. I'm not real surprised. He has to do things like this on his own schedule not mine but I don't have the three years to wait for it to get done. oh well. I will still get my ceiling fans cleaned if I have to do them myself.

It always seems like it is one thing going wrong after the other when you are preparing for holidays. I could go on and on about things to vent today but I've finished my breakfast now and I've got a ton I still need to do so I better wrap this up and get work done while the boys are gone. At least with them gone for the next hour I can work on my kitchen without John wanting "lovins" all morning. As if it wasn't bad enough that he didn't want to cuddle with me last night when I was a little stressed out, he's been all over me all morning. UGH. Sorry it's a two way street here.

All I know is I hope I'm a very long way from surgery otherwise this house will likely fall apart while I am down. *Sigh* If I don't get back, Merry Christmas.


  1. My dear Amy, so good to have finally found your blog!

    Sorry to hear such things about John! I wish your son a lot of health!

    And enjoy the holidays, oki?


  2. My hubby does the same things! If I ask him to do something it's half finished or forgotten about. I had to yell at him the other day to take two bags of garbage downstairs. He doesn't do anything until he decides to and what it is, and yeah it's usually nothing that will help me out around the house as much as something else would.

    I feel your frustration in this rant. It's the very same things I have going on here. My hubby made me coupons for Christmas because he's aware of his short comings. They were things like wash one of the pets, shave his face, make me breakfast in bed, cut his hair, give me a full body massage, etc... He hasn't signed them yet though so they are not official. *LOL*