Friday, December 14, 2007

The Week In Review 12-14-07

Another week has come and gone and I still haven't started my Christmas shopping!!! This is so unlike me because usually I'm done by the first. Oh well, here's the update for the week.

Medically - I still haven't received the results on the EEG. If I haven't heard from them on Monday, I will give them a call to see what the status is. I need to call them anyway to determine what we will do with the Gabapentin. My refills expire in a few weeks and I think I should probably stay on it just to ward off any possible pain with the trigeminal.

After lots of headache, I finally got my MRI scheduled for Tuesday. I'm just ready to get the tests done for the year! I did my bloodwork for it on Tuesday so I am all prepared for it.

After that is done, the only medical things left for the year will be John's Vasectomy.

Emotionally - This week was a bit rougher emotionally but I'm not to worried about it. It seems I was just a bit more vocal this week than normal and felt the urge to talk about my issues. Perhaps it is the "Pre MRI" jitters that some of my support group talks about. My intuition tells me that this MRI will show something different, I'm just not sure if that different will be on the good or bad side. I'm hoping that it's on the good in that the questionable area has receded thus indicating that it is indeed swelling and not tumor. Only time will tell. Other than that, I think I was a bit cranky this week but that's for John to be the truest judge. :)

I'm sure that car issues did not help me emotionally this week so I'm not going to put too much weight on anything that occurred. We'll see how next week goes.

Mentally - I haven't really done much this week to prepare for the future. It was maybe a week off. I did get a lot of work done last weekend on the house finishing up some loose ends and working on some decluttering. I have a lot of fun projects that I can begin after the holiday. Beyond that, nothing is really new there.

Physically - The sinus pressure has not decided to leave me yet and honestly I don't expect it to until spring. This is the typical routine for me. I guess this is one of the reasons I feel there will be a change in the MRI. This time of year always gives me head changes so I'm guessing it will be reflected in the MRI.

Other than that my neck gave me fits Wednesday and yesterday and I went for the followup with my chiropractor. It feels better today although I've noticed a bit of a twitch in my left eye again today. It seems to appear when my neck is bothering me. I will watch it.

My trigeminal has felt great this week. It is still a bit numb but overall I would say it is at 85-90% so I am very excited about that.

Family - Well, my son had another incident Wednesday at school but for the most part it was a much better week. I am hoping we're back on top of it. John continues to count down the time to the snip. Otherwise, I haven't really seen anyone so I can't comment.

Play - Nothing really new here. We continue to fall for TribalWars and spend time on Puzzle Pirates. However, we did play risk over the weekend and had a good time with that.

Other - Our lemon on wheels is giving us fits again. I swear they could not pay me enough to drive another Saturn. The alarm goes off when no one is around it, the doors lock on their own, and the headlamp comes on even when the doors are shut and the switch is off. John believes it's the door ajar switch. We have to take it in on Monday. I believe this is the 15th time we've had issues with this car. It was three years old in November, bought brand new, and has just shy of 75000 miles on it. It is about 1500 miles to the good side of the extended warranty for all the good that did us. After that it is all up to us. Unfortunately, because of the miles I put on it, before we began settling the first issue it was out of lemon law warranty and by the time we convinced them that there were enough problems connected to each other it was out of regular warranty so they never stood behind any of it. The last four problems have occurred while under the extended warranty which costs us $40 a pop and we found out it doesn't cover computer issues which is what most of our issues with this car has been. I am very tempted to pain a big yellow lemon on the side of the car and list all the problems it's had in the short time we've owned it. Maybe it will make others think twice before buying a Saturn. It's sad too because our first Saturn was a gem. :(

Well, that's all for this week. I will touch base next week with John's Christmas Party (it's Saturday), John's Snip (Thursday), my MRI (Tuesday), whether or not I finish getting ready for Christmas, the lemon, and my son's Christmas concert. It should be a good and busy week with lots to talk about. *Huggles*

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  1. Wow they are dragging their feet on those results. Hope everything is OK and your MRI goes well.

    The problem is Saturn was taken over by GM I think, one of the big three and so while when they first came out they were awesome cars after that they got built just as bad as all the others out there.

    My car is just over a year and a half old and we've almost driven out the warranty. That's what moving across country twice will do to you. I've got a few hundred miles left on it and need to get it in to take a look at the windows. I was suppose to Thursday, but I was too tired to get up and take it in and sit there on it all day.