Friday, December 28, 2007

The Week In Review 12-28-2007

I'm enjoying my vacation doing only what is necessary and enjoying my family this week.

Medically - Well, the results of the last MRI were not what we had hoped but from my view they could have been worse. I am not holding much if any faith in this last MRI. There are so many factors that could have made it look different and therefore I'm not getting uptight about it. What are those factors? Sinus Pressure, change in MRI coil, and roller coasters. I obviously won't be riding roller coasters in the next two months so that will not be a factor in the next MRI. The coil will probably not be changed again before my next MRI. Last but not least, if anything the Sinus Pressure will go down so hopefully that will also be a non-issue. Therefore, the next MRI should be the tell tale on what is going on right now inside my head. We'll find out soon enough.

I just want to address something here about the sinus pressure. Someone asked me how I know for sure that it is sinus pressure and not caused from change within my head. Well, I don't know for sure but I have gotten sinus infections my entire life. They routinely go from allergies, to sinus pressure, to sinus infections, to bronchitis. This is the routine I've lived my entire life. This year is no different. Just because now I know I have a brain tumor, doesn't mean every little thing that occurs is caused from it. I mean a sinus infection wouldn't turn into bronchitis if it was only pressure caused from my tumor. It wouldn't respond to antibiotics if it was caused from my tumor. Why would it get so stuffed I can't breathe if it was from my tumor? So you see, I feel that I have a right to get a sinus infection/sinus pressure just like everyone else in my climate currently has. So yes, it is sinus pressure and will remain that way. Just like the headaches I had last week was stress and will remain there. I don't know of many people that don't get headaches right before the holidays and I am no different. Ok, off my soap box.

Emotionally - As much as I say I didn't let the last results upset me, I did have some problems with it earlier in the week. The very thing I hoped would never occur did and that is that I continue to have no symptoms but there is minor change. Emotionally, I'm still set that if I'm not having symptoms, my brain is handling things just fine. This thing could possibly grow another two or three CM and not give me any problems. As I joked with John yesterday, as long as there is more brain than tumor I think I'll just keep watching it. *smile*

Mentally - Again I can't say that I've made much progress. I did get the house to a point I would be comfortable if something were to happen. I have a lot of work to do in some areas that have been let go way to long but that will come with time. I really need to work on some paper stuff in the next few days but the MRI kinda put it on the back burner in my mind. I will just have to continue to work on things when my mind is capable of grasping it.

Physically - Other than being exhausted from the sinus pressure and the start of my traditional bronchitis, I've felt really good this week. I do think I overdid it for Christmas but it was soooooo worth it!!! I am hoping to be able to do it again next year. *smile* The trigeminal pain and numbness has been at an all-time low this week and I am really hoping that it is on the verge of complete healing. Speaking of which, I need to give my neurologist a call about my Gabapentin. I'm almost out and although it is doing much better, I don't want to be left without it if I do need it. I want to talk to him about how to properly wean it down as well. The only other thing worth mentioning is a bit of neck pain again today but I think it is mostly because I've been staring at a laptop or nintendo DS screen way to much and the set up isn't exactly ergonomic. I really need to behave in this area or I'll have to go in the chiropractor again.

Family - John is healing nicely from his vasectomy and is pretty much back to normal even though he still isn't supposed to lift yet. He and I got into a bit of a tiff earlier today over something I should have never brought up but I just felt it needed said. Oh well, occasional fights are good for the relationship. We have enjoyed the week otherwise taking lots of time to curl up, talk, and just enjoy each other. That's what I love about not having any obligations this week. We can just take time to be a family. Even if a lot of that time is spent rooting each other on in some video game. :)

Our son is doing well and he's enjoying the time off. His bronchitis is improving a lot and I'm hoping it will be entirely gone by the time school starts back up. He got lots of new toys that he has enjoyed putting together with his dad. I swear, sometimes I wonder if I put the right tag on the toys or not.

Play - Well, we all got new games that we've been enjoying. I truly love "brain games" and enjoy proving to myself that there is nothing wrong with my brain. I have always considered myself on the smart side and often wondered if the knowledge I have a tumor would unconsciously change that but I am happy to say I am just as smart as I have always been. However smart that is. *smile* Our son also got "Guitar Hero" for Christmas. I must say that has been a lot of fun. I have now beat the easy level but I am struggling with the next level. I think I'd be better off with a left handed guitar because I just don't have the strength in my left pinkie to hit the fourth color. I'll have to play and see if the guitar can be swapped around. Of course, that would mean relearning how to play with the opposite hands but we will see.

I can't think of anything else worth mentioning this week. I will hopefully get some things done the remainder of the week in my "preparations" and do a quick post Christmas clean of my house but beyond that it will just be casual living and doing whatever we feel like doing... or not doing. On New Years Eve we will have our big New Years dance. I can't wait to get back out on the floor. It has been at least a month since we danced because snow and Christmas parties kept us from the ones in December.

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  1. I have a nasty cold/flu thing with on and off sinus pressure. I know it was a sinus infection too because of the blood in the mucus, but thankfully that has gone away now so I'm hoping in another day or so this thing will be over. I been such a baby about my throat.

    I don't think you tumor has been effecting you in any other way except what you're having to be put through mentally and physically with all the medical staff.

    By the way saw this commercial last night and though of you. It's called and they do wills for $65 it's run by Robert Shapiro, I think that was one of OJ's lawyers if that makes a difference to you or not. Anyways they do all kinds of legal forms for you if you still need those.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. *hugs*