Monday, December 3, 2007

A Friend to the Rescue

I'm sorry I didn't make an entry yesterday but a friend was sorting out the colors on my blog for me. Until about... what time was it Kat about 4... it did not look as awesome as it does now. Kat is fantastic at this type of thing and spent most of her afternoon trying to rescue it for me. :)

Speaking of Kat, this may be a good time to introduce her. Kat is working on a custom design for my blog for some time in the future and from now on, I won't make color changes without her help first!!! LOL She is a good friend whom I've never met in person but we have A LOT in common. She is also color and technically savvy enough that she has agreed to update my blog if I am ever in a position where I can't. So if something goes on, you guys will be updated thanks to her. (I'm hoping that it's many years before we have to worry about her making an entry though unless she just feels like it.)

There was something else I wanted to say but I've completely lost my train of thought. Well, I'm sure I'll think of it later. Until then, I'll see you all later. *Huggles*

1 comment:

  1. Yay for Kat! :) She's an awesome person, if this is the same Kat we both know. ;)