Friday, December 21, 2007

The week In Review 12-21-2007

This week has been a true test of my strength in every which way.

Medically - I had my MRI on Tuesday and had to deal with a small FUBAR with it on Monday so that it actually took place. I despise dealing with all the areas of doctors and insurance.

I received the EEG results and they were very positive. There is no signs of seizures and that is a very good sign.

I am still awaiting the official results of the MRI. At this point, I probably won't receive them until after the holidays.

Not related to me, John has his Vasectomy this week and it went well and he's in very little pain so far but we are aggravated they did not do the no scalpel vasectomy like we thought they were going to. I kick myself for not asking a couple of questions that could have possibly changed that but you can't change what is already done.

Emotionally - Emotionally this has been a tough week. Not only did we have issues at the doctor with John's vasectomy but some minor issues with my MRI caused me to be much more uptight than I like going into it on Tuesday. Furthermore, I was hoping to get the official results on it before the holiday but it doesn't look like that is going to happen.

Mentally - I haven't made any further progress at this time. I'm too busy getting ready for Christmas to worry about the future right now. Maybe next week I'll have more information.

Physically - This was a good week in terms of trigeminal numbness. It feels really good this week and if it keeps up at this pace I look for it to be completely healed by my birthday. I'm really excited about being able to feel my mouth again!!!

Not other news physically other than I've been going like a mad woman and therefore near exhausted and I can't rest yet. Soon enough.

Family - Nothing I haven't already mentioned. John is doing ok with the pain from his vasectomy and I look for him to be back to a "no lift" normal by Sunday. My son has been doing well and is enjoying his vacation.

Play - Nothing really new here.

Sorry that I don't really have much. Take care everyone and have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays.

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